What Is a Pedal-Assist Electric Bike?

What Is a Pedal-Assist Electric Bike?


As people’s focus on environmental protection and sustainable transportation continues to grow, electric bicycles have become a popular mode of transport. However, do you know that electric bicycles have different operation modes?


Generally, electric bicycles can be divided into two types based on their operation modes: one with only the pedal-assist function, and another with both the pedal-assist and throttle functions. Electric bicycles with a throttle are similar to motorcycles. When activated (usually through a twist-grip or a simple button on the handlebars), the throttle can provide the power to move forward, allowing you to reach point B from point A with no need to pedal.


The working principle of pedal-assist electric bicycles is slightly different. They are not entirely driven by electric power, but provide assistance when the rider pedals, making cycling easier and more efficient. When you start pedaling, a sensor (either a speed sensor or a torque sensor) detects your pedaling motion and sends a signal to the electric motor, which then provides additional assistance. This system is often referred to as a "smart pedal sensing system." These e-bikes usually come equipped with a controller that allows riders to adjust the level of electric assistance, enabling them to select the right assistance level based on their needs.




Why Are Pedal-Assist E-Bikes Popular?


  • It’s Sweat-Free

If you’re looking for a new way to commute to work but cycling at a high intensity would leave you way too hot, bothered, and sweaty to slip into the office once you’ve arrived, a pedal-assist e-bike could be the perfect solution. You’ll still be able to cycle to work, but you won’t arrive at the office a hot sweaty mess! Thanks to the assist mode, you’ll exert just that little bit less energy on your way – enough to keep you dry and ready for those meetings right away.


  • Make Tricky Terrain a Breeze

Conventional bikes are a great way to get around if you’re surrounded by flat roads, but if your surroundings are a little choppier then you might want a little boost every now and then. Pedal-assist e-bikes can get you through terrain that might require a little more effort than just pedal power alone - whether that’s gravel or a dirt road.


  • A Great Low-Impact Cardio Exercise

Pedaling yourself around town even with assist mode can be a great workout. Not only does the pedaling – just like with a conventional bicycle – work wonders for your core muscular endurance in the legs, but it’s still a challenge for the heart and lungs, making it a popular choice for anyone after a little cardiovascular exercise. You can also choose your level of assistance depending on how much work you feel like doing that day.


  • AGreener Choice For Your Daily Commute

For the environmentally conscious who want to choose a mode of transport that has little impact on our planet, but can’t quite commit to fully cycling to and from work, electric bikes are a perfect compromise that can help you get further than a regular bike could, but harm the earth a considerable amount less than driving a car. You’re able to cover far more distance than a regular bike, which means if your workplace is too far to cycle, walk, or run, the electric bike has you covered.


  • Hills Won’t Faze You

There is nothing worse than enjoying a lovely ride and then hitting an unexpected hill of doom. Ever been halfway up only to question whether your legs can take you all the way? With pedal assist you’ll never have to worry about making it to the top, get that ‘assist’ mode on your side and you’ll be over the top before you know it – minus the lactic acid build-up in your legs!




How to Choose Your First Pedal Assist E-Bike?


Now we know what a pedal assist electric bike is and why we need to get in the saddle, then how do we get our first e-bike?


  • Vanpowers City Vanture



(Image: Autoevolution)


If you’re worried about the potential clunkiness of an e-bike and are looking for something zippy to get to and from work, then Vanpowers’ lightest e-bike, the City Vanture e-bike is a great place to start.


The City Vanture is a fast, stylish, and low-maintenance urban e-bike that allows riders to easily navigate crowded streets without sacrificing comfort and safety. Its ultra-light frame and classic look make it indistinguishable from traditional bicycles at first glance. It features a quiet Gates® CDN™ belt drive system that requires far less maintenance than an ordinary chain. With just a two-hour charge, it can go as far as 50 miles, and with an additional battery attachment, this range can be extended to a maximum of 80 miles. Check out what professionals have to say about the City Vanture.


  • UrbanGlide Series



(Image: Makeuseof)


The UrbanGlide series won widespread praise for its step-through design and superior performance. This series includes the Ultra, Pro, and Standard versions, with S and L sizes to meet different riders' needs. The Pro and Standard models are even equipped with thumb throttle!


With its powerful 500W motor, suspension fork, ultra-comfortable suspension seat post and saddle, and long-range battery, it not only allows riders to traverse the city with ease but also enables them to freely explore off-road trails. Another highlight of the UrbanGlide is its compatibility with the mobile app, allowing riders to monitor their battery level, speed, mileage, and other information at any time. Check out what professionals have to say about the UrbanGlide.


With all this in mind, you’re ready to start your e-bike journey. So which style will you choose? With Vanpowers e-bike, all you need to do is twist the throttle or lightly pedal.



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