Safety Tips How to Make Your E-bike Commute Safer

afety Tips: How to Make Your E-bike Commute Safer


Just like with any mode of transport, it’s important to be vigilant when hopping on an electric bike, especially if you’re new to them. Regardless of how you choose to get from A to B, commuting can pose all sorts of safety issues, especially if you’re tackling rush-hour traffic.


It’s completely normal to be nervous if you’re planning to switch to an e-bike for your regular commute. However, as long as the e-bikes are used properly, they can be a safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Now check out the following 8 safety tips to make your e-bike commute safer.




  • Make yourself visible

Whether you’re riding a traditional bike or an electric bike on the road, making yourself visible to other road users should be a top priority when it comes to a safe commute, especially when riding at night. Reflective and high-vis gear – such as jackets, bibs, or vests – are the easiest ways to stay seen on the road. Investing in high-vis outerwear and accessories is also the most efficient way to ensure you’re seen by drivers and other cyclists alike. In addition, a brightly colored e-bike will keep you visible in traffic. Vanpowers' UrbanGlide comes in a variety of colors, such as Lava Red, Remy Green, and Gunmetal Blue, which are bright enough to help cyclists stay visible on the road.




  • Check your electric bike tires regularly


It may seem obvious but running into issues with tires mid-commute can be extremely dangerous. Flat or deflated tires not only affect the efficiency of your ride, but they can also cause you to lose control-not good on a busy road!


Before heading out every morning, make it a part of your pre-ride routine to check your tires are at the correct pressure, especially if you’ve got a long journey ahead of you..




  • Store your e-bike battery wisely


Although many of the health and safety tips to keep you safe on an electric bike are similar to those of a traditional bike, the main extra component that needs to be considered is, of course, your battery.


If you’ve ever heard clickbait horror stories about e-bike batteries catching fire, it’s important to know that while this can be a genuine risk (as with any battery-powered machinery), it really is a rare occurrence.


Ensuring that your batteries are always sourced from reliable and legit manufacturers is crucial – this is not something you should be concerned about splashing out on! Removing your battery and storing it correctly too – in a protective box, which it should come with – will also hugely reduce risk and help you feel safer out on the roads.




  • Listen up


Listening to music while commuting on the train or bus is a great way to pass the time but it can pose a hazard on your bike. Being all ears on the road can be a matter of life or death – not only do you need to listen out for surrounding vehicles and potential pedestrians, but hearing sirens, horns, and crossings is essential to your safety and those around you, too.




  • Choose your road position while riding your e-bike


Similarly to when riding as a regular road cyclist, the correct road position is vital to staying safe on your e-bike. Being confident to take up space on the road alongside other motor vehicles is key – don’t make the mistake of hugging the kerb, where you run the risk of colliding with the kerb itself as well as tackling drains and gutters.


The roads are designed to be shared with cyclists, too, which includes e-bike riders. So whenever a cycle lane isn’t available, make sure you stay a safe distance away from the kerb and the obstacles it brings with it. Other vehicles like cars, buses, and vans can wait until it’s safe to overtake should they wish to.




  • It’s a must for electric bikers to know the road rules


Many cyclists believe that road rules don’t apply to them, but in fact, adhering to the highway code in the same way you would as a driver will protect you as well as those around you.


The most basic principles to remember while out on your commute are to signal, ride in the correct lane, and abide by the traffic light system.




  • Get to know your e-bike


Electric bikes may feel a little less familiar than traditional bikes, so before taking yours out for the first time, make sure you’ve spent a decent amount of time in a safe, quiet place figuring out exactly how it works.


Run through every scenario and try out each mode and function available, making sure to practice using them all until you feel comfortable in the saddle. This way, in a higher-pressure situation such as your busy rush-hour commute, you’ll know exactly what to do without getting flustered.




  • Check your route


If your commute involves taking a route that you already know like the back of your hand, then all that’s left to do to ensure the utmost safety and prep is to check that the route you’re familiar with is e-bike friendly all the way. Busier roads and pedestrian-only paths may have to be avoided, which will involve finding an alternative route once you become an e-bike user.


If it’s your first time on your route, it might be a good idea to try the journey in its entirety during a quieter period, so that come rush hour when you’re under time pressure, it won’t feel completely alien. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.




Choosing your commuter e-bike


Now that you’re all clued up on how to stay safe while out on the road, the only thing that’s left to do is figure out which electric bike is the right one for your journey to work.


For commuters, something lightweight, sleek, and simple to use is a must. If you’re looking for something that feels just as intuitive as a traditional bike but with the boosting benefits of an electric bike, a pedal-assist electric bike would be a top choice. Vanpowers’s UrbanGlide series has been designed with the busy commuter in mind and boasts simplicity while offering all the necessary functions.


Whether you’re looking for the classic commuter-style aesthetic or would prefer to keep things on the sporty side, UrbanGlide will meet your needs, making your ride safe, smooth, and powerful. For more information, please visit Vanpowers website.

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