Introducing Vanpowers UrbanGlide
Stylish Commuting Campanion
"A smooth, versatile and comfortable urban eBike"
Stylish Commuting Campanion
"A smooth, swift and stylish urban eBike"
Crunch All You Want, We'll Make Ride Style
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"The aluminum frame sections go together by sliding a spar (the mortise) onto a joint (the tenons), and the fit is very precise. "
"Manidae is the best all-rounder to help riders flee the city to enjoy more riding fun for beach and camping adventure."
"Achieves outstanding balance and sturdiness."
"As I hopped on, nothing, and I mean nothing, creaked, budged, or shifted as I settled my 172-pound (78-kilogram) carcass onto the seat."
"Vanpowers Bike bringt ein erfahrenes Team an einen Tisch und entwickelt eine neue Rahmenbauart. Die Marke lässt nun das erste E-Bike rollen."
"This thing is shockingly powerful it's got a 750 watt motor but it feels like it's a lot more."
--- Brent McCluskey
City Vanture
"The City Vanture has a unique, intelligent dual battery module."
--- Gregory Bauge
Four times Olympic Medalist
It Ain't Cheap, But it is the BEST Commuter Ebike I've Tried - Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra Review
”In this video we are trying a well balanced electric bicycle that is suitable for all ages and genders. ”
"This beauty is all about balance, providing a smooth ride whether you're commuting, running errands, or simply exploring the city. It's not just an e-bike, it's a lifestyle choice! "
Why guess when you can know?
Get the inside scoop on your next bike from those who've ridden it.
Paul Bloyer
City vanture - 12/22/2022
Sweet Bike and one of the lightest E -Road bikes.
Steve Moore
City vanture - 12/22/2022
Made of high-quality, name-brand components, the Manidae exceeded my expectations. I especially love the 8-speed gear system that provides additional tension when pedaling at high speeds.
Marzio Troilo
City vanture - 11/25/2022
I am complety satisfied with the treatment received from you and also with the bicycle, even if it is not too powerful, it can cliente climb slopes of over 6%. Highly recommended.
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