Embark on a Beach Adventure with Vanpowers’ Manidae eMTB

As the temperature gradually falls, we can’t help but wonder how we can make the most of this pleasant weather, and our friend Chris has given us some inspiration. He says that now is the perfect time to try new things, so why not embark on an unforgettable beach adventure and experience the cool sea breeze and sandy shores before winter arrives?




Chris and his wife Elizabeth run a YouTube channel called CandE Adventure, where they share their experiences of living a full-time nomadic life in a truck camper. Along with hiking and boating, fishing is one of their favorite activities, so recently, they decided to take our fat tire e-bike, the Manidae, on a surf fishing outing in sunny Florida.




During this trip, they showcased some innovative ways to use the Manidae for fishing. To make their journey more convenient, they even created a custom e-bike trailer to carry all their fishing gear. How amazing is that? This trailer provides them with greater mobility as well as flexibility, allowing them to enjoy their outing without being limited by how far they can carry their equipment.




Now let’s take a look at how this team uses the Manidae for fishing. Firstly, they utilize the bike's stability and tire traction to cruise along the beach and find an ideal fishing spot. It’s effortless—the Manidae is equipped with a powerful 750W BAFANG® high-speed brushless hub motor, so on flat beaches, over rolling dunes, and even near the shoreline, riders can accelerate quickly and maintain a steady speed. This allows them to effortlessly traverse the sandy terrain and enjoy the gentle sea breeze without feeling fatigued from pedaling.




After finding the perfect fishing spot, Chris and Elizabeth demonstrated the Manidae’s exceptional performance in a beach environment. Its puncture-resistant fat tires balance rolling resistance and traction to prevent the bike from sinking into the sand. The Manidae is further equipped with an advanced suspension system with 95 mm of travel, providing riders with a more comfortable experience when going over bumps while also remaining lightweight and efficient. Additionally, this allows riders to maintain better overall control of the bike and enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline.




In the end, the team reeled in a 15-inch bluefish. Chris expressed his delight at the catch and stated that they had both had a wonderful time on this beach outing with the Manidae. “This is the ideal beach e-bike designed for exciting adventures,” he said. “It allows riders to go off-road anywhere, even in the sand!”




Looks like Chris and Elizabeth have found a new way to enjoy the outdoors! We at Vanpowers are thrilled to see how the Manidae has made it easier to appreciate the coastal scenery and explore hidden spots on the beach. This model is also capable of conquering a wide variety of other terrains, including snowy landscapes, rugged trails, and debris-ridden roads. It’s the ultimate way to escape the city and go on thrilling outdoor journeys!




If you're also looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors, the Manidae might be an excellent tool to help you. You can visit the Vanpowers website for more information.

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