UrbanGlide Standard VS Aventon Pace 500


UrbanGlide Standard VS Aventon Pace 500


Look and Feel


The UrbanGlide Standard’s durable 6061 alloy step-through frame accommodates a diverse range of riders. Offering both small and large sizes, this e-bike ensures a comfortable fit for individuals from 5’1” to 6’3”, making it an inclusive choice for urban commuters. What’s more, it’s available in three distinct colors: Remy Green, Lava Red, and Zircon Gray, allowing you to choose a style that suits your personality and preferences.


Weighing 70.55 pounds including the battery, you wouldn’t want to carry the UrbanGlide Standard often, but it still delivers remarkable maneuverability. Navigating through crowded city streets is a breeze on this Vanpowers e-bike, adding convenience to your daily commute.


Comfort – Seats & Fork


Riding comfort is paramount to daily riding, and the UrbanGlide Standard takes this seriously. It comes equipped with a Velo saddle and an adjustable handlebar, allowing you to tailor your seating and riding position.


The UrbanGlide Standard comes with the Zoom hydraulic suspension fork. This high-end component gives you 80 millimeters of travel and a smooth, comfortable ride, offering the chance to get off the pavement and take on light trails.




500w Step Through e-bike, which will you choose?


A Test Ride to Remember




Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the specs, it’s time to hit the road. During our test ride, the UrbanGlide Standard showcased its responsive torque sensor. Unlike some e-bikes with sluggish sensors, the UrbanGlide Standard e-bike offers instant acceleration upon hitting the throttle, making for a dynamic riding experience, especially when starting from a stop.


The 500-watt motor’s capability shone as it efficiently tackled hills while maintaining a comfortable speed. Although the top speed is capped at 20 miles per hour, the acceleration more than compensates, ensuring you can effortlessly navigate city traffic while staying safe. Other e-bikes offer bigger motors and higher speeds, but you don’t miss it because of the UrbanGlide Standard’s nimble acceleration.


The combination of the Zoom suspension fork with versatile tires guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride. The UrbanGlide Standard offers a hybrid feel, making it suitable for city streets and light off-roading.

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