Getting Ready to Ride in Autumn Weather

With leaves changing color and the weather getting cooler, it must already be autumn! This is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors, and what better way to do that than by riding your electric bike? With an e-bike, you can get around town easily, ride on trails, and even commute to work. It's time to say goodbye to the high temperatures and humidity that made it impossible to cycle in summer and embrace that beautiful fall weather that’s tailor-made for riders. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips for preparing to ride your electric bike this season. Stay safe and have fun!


Check the Weather Forecast

Before heading out for your ride, be sure to check the weather forecast. The weather conditions in the autumn season can be more unpredictable than in summer, so you should always check whether it’s safe to ride outside before hitting the road. This will help you avoid the hassle of getting soaked with rain or fighting against strong winds.


Beware of Fallen Leaves

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but fallen leaves on the road can create slippery conditions and make it difficult to ride your bike. When riding in an area where leaves are scattered all over the ground, be sure to take extra care when turning corners or braking. We recommend you consider investing in high-quality tires that have a sturdy tread to help maintain traction and keep you safe.


(Vanpowers UrbanGlide's 27.5 x 2.20 Kenda tires are quite suitable for the varied urban terrain)

Install Front and Rear Lights

Whether you primarily ride during the day or at night, installing lights on your electric bicycle is a must. You’ll often have fewer daylight hours in autumn, so as night draws near, making sure people can see you will be a top priority. In addition to installing lights, we also recommend wearing clothing with reflectors for extra security. It can get hazy on a fall day, so you’ll want to maximize visibility to reduce the likelihood of colliding with drivers, pedestrians, and other riders on the road.


(UrbanGlide’s powerful front light and rear light)

Maintain the Chain

Inspect and clean your bike chain on a regular basis to reduce the effects of wear and tear, prevent squeaking, and improve overall performance. If you notice any cracks in the chain or find links that are broken or bent out of shape, it’s important to replace the whole chain as soon as possible. With proper care and maintenance, a good chain will give you smooth rides throughout the whole season!


Wear the Right Outfit

Adapting to the weather and wearing the right clothes for your autumn ride is fundamental. If your area is experiencing a cold snap, you’ll need to bundle up in plenty of layers to keep warm and avoid catching a chill. Wearing gloves and earmuffs is ideal to maintain your body heat in vulnerable areas that lose it quickly. Oversized items can be comfy additions to your riding outfit, but be sure to avoid excessively large or baggy clothes that could get caught in the drivetrain.


Bring Extra Fuel

Your body might feel more worn out in autumn due to the increased effort it takes to use your muscles in cold temperatures. To mitigate this, maximize the use of your e-bike’s rear rack and pack some fruits, veggies, and water to keep your energy up as you travel long distances.


Install Necessary Accessories

In addition to a rear rack, fenders are another example of e-bike accessories that will come in handy in autumn. Fenders will prevent you from getting splashed with water or mud that gets picked up by your tires as you ride. With fall weather comes damp conditions and plenty of puddles, so installing fenders is a great way to be prepared. It’s also a good idea to have tools with you in case you need to make impromptu repairs due to an unexpected punctured tire or damaged frame component.


In addition, you can even have so much fun hitching up the kid's bike trailer to your e-bike! Then you can start your urban adventure. Imagine it: ride along the greenbelt, play on an epic playground, grab some pizza, and spend some quality time with your kids together.


Be sure to take care of yourself and your e-bike by following these tips for cycling in the fall. Whether you’re heading out on a solo ride or spending some quality time with friends and family, stay alert and prepare yourself for whatever the season may bring. With this advice and a little bit of planning, you can be sure to have an amazing time exploring the great outdoors on your e-bike this autumn! There’s nothing like the cool air on your face and spectacular colors! Get in the saddle, what are you waiting for?

Don’t have an e-bike? Discover magic on Vanpowers! With our UrbanGlide e-bike, your fall e-bike adventures will be taken to the next level. It is your ticket to exploring the beauty of fall with confidence and style.

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