Vanpowers’ Offline Test Ride Event Creates a Stir Once Again

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanpowers, a popular e-bike brand, teamed up with its offline partner store in California, Crazy Bear Bikes, to host an exciting test ride event on April 23rd. The event drew a large crowd of cycling enthusiasts who got to try out various types of e-bikes from Vanpowers. The riders were impressed by the unique designs and capabilities of each model, especially the new Urban Glide, which made its debut at the event. This upcoming e-bike won unanimous praise for its unisex design and superior performance.


At the event site, riders got to try out the City Vanture, Vanpowers' best-selling road bike; the Manidae, their powerful eMTB; the Seine, their retro-style model; and their new e-bike. Brand representatives also provided professional guidance for the participants, helping them familiarize themselves with the bikes as well as their speed, handling, comfort level, and so on. Additionally, each participant received a gift and an exclusive coupon, and entered to win the ultimate prize—a $1699 e-bike. The atmosphere at the event was very lively, and the participants expressed their appreciation for Vanpowers and their e-bikes.


The Urban Glide stole the show at the test ride event, delivering an impressive performance that left riders in awe. This new e-bike combines ergonomically crafted comfort with cutting-edge technology, making it the ideal choice for e-bike enthusiasts. One rider, Jason, commented that it was the smartest e-bike he had ever ridden, as it not only provided a comfortable and user-friendly experience, but it also satisfied his aesthetic tastes. “I believe that this e-bike's outstanding performance will make it Vanpowers' star product,”he said.

The test ride event was a resounding success, earning Vanpowers more recognition as well as bringing joy to the participants. Although the new e-bike has yet to be on the market, Vanpowers' test ride page has already opened the channel for individual test ride reservations at partnered stores, allowing interested people to experience this latest product in advance.

"This isn't the first or last time we host a test ride. Our test ride event program is a very meaningful project that we'll be continuing with in the foreseeable future to allow more people to experience the joy and convenience of e-bikes," said the Vanpowers marketing team. "In addition, we are working hard to expand our offline partner store network across the entirety of North America and Europe in order to provide customers with more personal test ride opportunities. This way, everybody can have a comprehensive understanding of and hands-on experience with the latest e-bike models before buying."

About Vanpowers

Vanpowers is an e-bike brand founded on the values of ease, efficiency, and comfort that provides riders with the smoothest possible riding experience regardless of terrain. We are dedicated to designing e-bikes that are at the forefront of technology while retaining sleek, timeless aesthetics.

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