City Vanture VS R7

Difference City Vanture R7
Frame * LEGO Like Design/ DIY Assembly
 (Our designer worked assiduously to reduce the standard deviation down to a minimized margin of error for frame and tires center line alignment , allowing the bike to achieve a sturdier dynamic performance.)
Common Brazed One-Piece Frame
This Suits People Who: Want to challenge themself with a ground zero assembly experience even starting from the frame. Prefer a more slick look with one picece frame.
What models you can choose? Assemble yourself/ Pre-assemble Pre-assemble
How many colors are available? Five Opitions
 (Shining Black, Infinite Silver, Chalk Blue, Ruby, Neon Purple)
One Option
Free Gift Front and Rear Lights plus Fender Set -
Battery Position Built in downtube       Built in downtube
How long does it take to install? 20-40 mins Less than 20 mins
When the extra battery is mounted, it looks like...

It is easily installed and has a sleek look.

Replace the cover plate to make more room for hiding the battery connector. That's 3D printing prototype :)
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