Définissez la route avec le COMMUTER. Ce vélo électrique est aussi propre que possible : simple, rapide et amusant.
Entraînement par courroie en carbone Gates®
Frein à disque hydraulique Tektro®
Frein à disque hydraulique Tektro®
Commuter est un vélo électrique urbain élégant, idéal pour les balades le week-end ou les déplacements en ville. Prenez le vôtre et assurez-vous de faire tourner les têtes.
Batterie amovible 36V 7AH
Selle intégrée monobloc
Moteur de moyeu sans balais élevé
Écran LCD intelligent
Une nouvelle façon de se déplacer
L'écran LCD rétro-éclairé est visible à tout moment de la journée. Vous pouvez voir toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin sur chaque trajet en un coup d'œil.
Vous êtes motivé à transporter plus de poids.
En installant un porte-bagages arrière subtil ou en achetant le modèle avec porte-bagages arrière, vous pouvez explorer la polyvalence de Commuter.
  • Amovible
  • robuste
  • adapté aux navetteurs
Porte-bagages arrière
Porte-bagages arrière robuste
Ce porte-bagages arrière robuste, léger et minimal a été repensé pour s'adapter parfaitement à votre Commuter.
  • Vitesse maximale

    États-Unis 25 mph UE 15MPH

  • Kilométrage

    50 milles / 80 km

  • Moteur

    NOUS 36V/ 350w UE 36V/ 250w

  • Pour le cavalier

    5'7"~ 6'4"

  • Composants25 + -
    Couleurs Noir
    Vitesse maximale 40KM/H 25MPH
    Poids 17KG
    Kilométrage 50 Miles/ 80KM
    Temps de charge 2-3 heures
    Charge maximale 120KG
    Moteur Moteur de moyeu arrière, 36 V 350 W
    Batterie Batterie lithium-ion 36 V 7 Ah/252 Wh - Tube diagonal - LG CELL
    Afficher Afficheur LCD hautement sensible
    Chargeur Conçu sur mesure 100 V-240 V/2 A intelligent, norme américaine
    Cadre Alliage d'aluminium. 21 pouces, taille de roue 700C
    Pneus Pneu Kenda® 700C*28C
    Jantes Double paroi en alliage d'aluminium
    Fourche avant Fourche avant rigide en alliage d'aluminium avec montage de disque, axe traversant
    Freins Frein à disque hydraulique Tektro®
    Guidon Alliage PROMAX® Al
    Tige Tige rigide en alliage d'aluminium
    Niveau de freinage Tektro® HD-M285
    Courroie Entraînement par courroie Gates® CDN
    Roue à chaîne Gates® CDX
    Moyeu avant Axe traversant 3/8*13G*36H
    Selle Selle Urban Justek pour Marron/ Selle Royal pour Noir
    Tige de selle Promax® Al-Alloy, 30,4 MM avec décalage
    Pédale WELLGO®
  • Geometry + -
  • Assembly + -
  • Compared + -
    Difference City Vanture R7
    Frame * LEGO Like Design/ DIY Assembly
     (Our designer worked assiduously to reduce the standard deviation down to a minimized margin of error for frame and tires center line alignment , allowing the bike to achieve a sturdier dynamic performance.)
    Common Brazed One-Piece Frame
    This Suits People Who: Want to challenge themself with a ground zero assembly experience even starting from the frame. Prefer a more slick look with one picece frame.
    What models you can choose? Assemble yourself/ Pre-assemble Pre-assemble
    How many colors are available? Five Opitions
     (Shining Black, Infinite Silver, Chalk Blue, Ruby, Neon Purple)
    One Option
    Free Gift Front and Rear Lights plus Fender Set -
    Battery Position Built in downtube       Built in downtube
    How long does it take to install? 20-40 mins Less than 20 mins
    When the extra battery is mounted, it looks like...

    It is easily installed and has a sleek look.

    Replace the cover plate to make more room for hiding the battery connector. That's 3D printing prototype :)

What Influencers Say about Commuter

Model: Standard
Color: Black
"Commuter: Define the road you ride on with the Commuter - simple, fast, and fun."

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Robert Mihalyi
My new Commuter2: I love it!

Firstly, the design of the bike is very sleek and modern. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum which makes it easy to maneuver and carry if needed. The black matte finish looks really cool and gives the bike a sophisticated look.

As for the performance, the electric motor provides excellent assistance while pedaling. It's very smooth and powerful. The bike has several different modes of assistance, so you can choose the level of support you want depending on the terrain or how much exercise you want to get.

The battery life is also impressive. I was able to ride for a few hours on a single charge, and the battery indicator on the display was very accurate in showing me how much power I had left.

The brakes are very responsive and provide excellent stopping power.

One of the things I really like about this e-bike is that it's very quiet thanks to Carbon Gate Drive system and that the motor produces very little noise, which is a big plus when riding in residential areas or bike paths where you don't want to disturb others.

While the bike does come with a nice set of reflectors, it would be even better if it had built-in lights that were seamlessly integrated into the frame or handlebars and the bike's electrical system. This would make it easier to use the lights and would also make the bike look more sleek and streamlined.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this e-bike. It's a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable e-bike for commuting or leisure riding. The design is sleek, the performance is excellent, and the features are very useful. I highly recommend it!

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