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Sleek, versatile, and comfortable urban eBike to match your unique flair
Rider Heights
Rider Heights
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Design & Aesthetics
Sleek and modern aesthetics, coupled with convenient step-through design and seamless welding frame, make it the ultimate choice for riders who demand both performance and style.
Design & Aesthetics Design & Aesthetics
Battery Capacity & Long Range
Conquer the city with ease on UrbanGlide-Ultra, boasting a 690WH UL certified battery with LG cells and 70 miles range for an unparalleled riding experience that takes you further and safer than ever before.
Battery Capacity
& Long Range Battery Capacity
& Long Range
Smooth & Powerful Handling
Equipped with a Bafang® M600 48V/500W mid drive motor, a torque sensor and two speed sensors, UrbanGlide-Ultra reacts with lightning speed to your pedal-power input and delivers impressive support at all times.
Smooth & Powerful Handling Smooth & Powerful Handling
Comfortable Riding Experience
Combining an 80mm travel hydraulic suspension fork, a 30mm travel suspension seat post, and reliable Tektro® hydraulic disc brakes, UrbanGlide-Ultra is crafted to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride for your journey.
Comfortable Riding Experience Comfortable Riding Experience
User-friendly Interface
Enhance your ride with an intelligent interactive APP that tracks every ride you take and monitors the condition of your e-bike in real-time, helping you get an optimal cycling experience.
User-friendly Interface User-friendly Interface
Multi-functional Usability
Our versatile bike boasts a full suite of accessories from a 25kg capacity rear rack, braking tail light, to fenders and etc. You can easily carry your belongings, stay safe on the road, and ride comfortably in any weather condition.
Multi-functional Usability Multi-functional Usability
Details Highlight
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Step-through frame
Industry-leading 380mm low step point makes it easy to hop on and off for riders of all ages and sizes.
Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Zoom® 80mm travel hydraulic suspension fork helps absorb shock and impact when you ride on uneven terrain, providing a smoother ride and reduce jarring and vibrations.
Suspension Seat Post
Zoom® 30mm travel suspension seat post helps reduce vibrations and make the ride smoother and more comfortable.
Integrated battery
690WH LG Cells Battery is smoothly incorporated into the top of the downtube to create a streamlined look and provides an impressive 70 miles of range.
Wheelset and Tires
Customized 27.5" aluminum wheelset with Kenda® 2.2" low-resistance city tires provide the perfect balance of cushion and grip, resulting in an exceptionally comfortable ride.
Drive system
Integrated design of Bafang® 48V/500W 95Nm mid drive motor with torque sensor, providing a boost of up to 400% of your output and 20MPH top speed.
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Tektro® HD-E350 Hydraulic disc brake combined with the power brake off system, ensuring responsive stopping power for a secure riding experience.
Derailleur and transmission
Microshift® RD-M26L 9-Speed derailleur gear set, providing optimal gear shifting and versatility on any terrain.
Adjustable stem & Display
Ergonomically designed all-aluminum alloy handle with 0-60 degrees adjustable stem. 3.5-inch full color TFT-LCD display provide a user-friendly interface and a wide range of cycling information presentation.


Color Gunmetal Blue/Lava Red

Frame Size S/L
Weight 70.55 lbs./32 kg
Motor Bafang® M600 48V/500W Mid Drive Motor
Sensor Torque Sensor
Range 65-70 miles
Mode Pedal-Assist
Rear Derailleur Microshift® RD-M26L
Brake Tektro® HD-E350 Hydraulic
Disc Brake, 180mm Rotors
Stem Zoom® Adjustable Stem,
90mm, 0-90 degree
Seat Post Zoom® Suspension Seat
Post, 30mm Travel, with Quick
Release Clamp
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What Influencers Say

@TailHappyTV ‧ 62K subscribers ‧ 306 videos
Model: Ultra
Color: Gunmetal Blue
"I'm Matt, I like riding ebikes. It's fun and good for the soul. This will be my real favorite bike, the pedal-assist feel buttery smooth and the brakes feel great too!"
@Talaria Boys ‧ 5K subscribers ‧ 113 videos
Model: Ultra
Color: Gunmetal Blue
"500W Mid-Drive eBike That's Ready to Conquer the Streets and Trails." The Amazing display offers excellent visibility and readability

What the Professionals Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Heidi R
Vanpowers is the best choice

I purchased myself the Urban Glide Ultra, supposedly their newest model, and I'm genuinely stoked about its features. The toolkit they threw in is pretty nifty, packed with all sorts of tools – I've found it handy for putting together other stuff too. And that removable battery? Big thumbs up – it's a total game-changer for easy charging.

Becky Daniels
Identify vanpowers

It's truly remarkable – the Urban Glide Ultra lives up to its price. Every ride feels as smooth as strolling on the moonlit surface. I experience boundless energy while riding (thanks to the Bafang motor, I've heard). The detachable battery makes charging a breeze, and I no longer have to struggle to move the bike to the charging point.

Beloved Vanpowers

All in all, it's been a good experience. I purchased the Urban Glide Ultra three weeks ago, but upon receiving it, I faced an issue where the display screen wouldn't light up during assembly. After multiple discussions with Vanpowers' customer servi
ce, they decided to hook me up with a new bike. I received the new bike three days ago, and now it rides perfectly without any issues. Grateful for Vanpowers' support!

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