Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro V.S. Velotric Discover 1

Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro V.S. Velotric Discover 1


Which One is the Best Fit for You?


In the era of the e-bike boom, it’s essential to be a savvy user and choose the right model. Therefore, Vanpowers has specifically set up a guide to help you pick the right e-bike for the right price.


It's easy to find that step-through commuters are currently one of the most popular bike models. Every ride allows you to experience the convenience, comfort, and joy brought by the powerful performance of the bike. As a representative of step-through commuters, the UrbanGlide Pro model possesses all the elements that users love, and it is more versatile, easier to control, and offers a smart riding experience.


However, before we delve into the details of the UrbanGlide Pro model, we want you to have a comprehensive understanding of the different models on the market and how they compare with the UrbanGlide Pro. Let's explore together which step-through commuter bike is the best fit for you.




Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro V.S. Velotric Discover 1










Motor Output

Output 500 W

Max. Torque 60 N.m.

Output 500 W

Max. Torque 50 N.m.


Torque Sensor

Cadence Sensor

Pedal Assist Modes

5 Levels

5 Levels




Top Speed

20 Mph

20 Mph

Battery Capacity

691.2 Wh

691.2 Wh


65 Miles (PAS 2)

50 Miles (PAS 2)


48V 4.5A

48V 3A

Charge Time

Less than 4.5 hours

More than 5 hours



Two Sizes

S-M and M-L

One Size

Step-Through Design



Suspension Fork

Travel 100 mm

Travel 80 mm




0-90 Degreed




Suspension Type

Regular Type


Rear Rack


25 Kg loaded

Not Include


65.5 lbs

66.5 lbs

Total Carry Capacity

350 lbs

320 lbs


8 Speed

7 Speed


Hydraulic Brake

Hydraulic Brake

Wheel Size



Headlight Brightness

80 Lux

Less than 60 Lux


Color LCD


Black and White LCS


App Function


Van-Life App




USD 1,299

USD 1,299


Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro and Velotric Discover 1 are both representative models of step-through commuter bikes. The Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro focuses more on riders' feelings. It utilizes a high-precision torque sensor, which can instantly convert the power you exert while pedaling into motor assistance. This allows the bike to move swiftly and smoothly without any delay or jerk.


The Velotric Discover 1 is equipped with a traditional cadence sensor, which responds slower and cannot provide assistance in sync with the rider's pedaling rhythm. As a result, the riding experience is of a lower quality compared to the UrbanGlide Pro.




The UrbanGlide Pro and Discover 1 both have the same battery capacity of 691.2 Wh. However, thanks to the torque sensor, the UrbanGlide Pro can achieve a longer range in the same pedal assist mode (PAM). According to road tests conducted by Vanpowers’ testing team, the UrbanGlide Pro can provide a range of 65 miles in PAM 2, while the Discover 1 only offers 50 miles of range. Comparatively, the UrbanGlide Pro outperforms the Discover 1 in terms of range by 30%.

Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro surpasses the Aventon Velotric Discover 1 in performance, featuring a Torque Sensor High Precision/60 N.m motor for a more powerful, stable start. It also boasts a superior range, its UL48V/15Ah battery paired with 3A fast charging capabilities, ensuring it meets daily needs efficiently.

In addition to the increased battery capacity, Vanpowers team takes into consideration the customers' need for faster charging. So their UrbanGlide Pro is equipped with a 4.5A fast charger, which allows users to fully charge the battery from 1% to 99% within 4.5 hours. The Discover 1 is only equipped with a 3A charger, which takes longer to fully charge the battery. It may take more than 5 hours to reach the same battery level.




When it comes to step-through commuter bikes, we cannot overlook two important aspects: convenience and comfort. Both the UrbanGlide Pro and Discover 1 have opted for a step-through design without a top tube. This design makes it easier for people to get on and off the e-bike. With a simple movement, you can sit on the saddle and start pedaling. More important, Vanpowers team, took into account the convenience from the outset of the frame design. UrbanGlide Pro has a low-step height of 380 mm from the ground, allowing elderly riders to easily step onto the bike.


In terms of comfort, the UrbanGlide Pro features a 100 mm travel suspension fork, a rear suspension seat post, a wide saddle, and ergonomic handlebar grips. These are all designed to enhance rider comfort by reducing the impact of uneven surfaces, minimizing body stress and pressure during rides, and making both short and long-distance cycling more comfortable. In contrast, the Discover 1 only has a suspension fork, and its hard saddle fails to effectively absorb road vibrations, showing a lack of consideration for comfort in its design.


In addition to focusing on user convenience and comfort, the UrbanGlide Pro also caters to a wider audience by offering two different sizes, S-M and M-L, for individuals of varying heights. For instance, the S-M size is suitable for riders from 158 cm to 170 cm, while the M-L size is suitable for those from 170 cm to 185 cm or even taller.


If you have higher requirements for the riding cockpit, you can adjust the front end's adjustable stem to obtain a more spacious riding space. Unfortunately, the Discover 1 only offers a single bike size and its small frame is not very friendly to taller users. Its fixed handlebar also cannot provide a good adjustment space for the cockpit, which is a bit of a pity.




Additionally, the UrbanGlide Pro, crafted by the Vanpowers team, is equipped with many professional components. These include a high-quality Taiwanese Microshift 8-speed gear shift, a powerful hydraulic disc brake set, a sporty mountain bike equivalent 27.5" wheel diameter, an 80 Lux high-brightness headlight, and a 3.5" high-visibility color LCD display, all of which far surpass the mechanical configuration of the Discover 1. Moreover, the UrbanGlide Pro features a highly practical rear rack that can accommodate up to 55.5 lbs of load. You can use it to hang side bags or a child seat, transforming your bike into a family favorite. This is something that the Discover 1 does not offer.



Besides providing users with real-time and responsive assistance, the integration of intelligent applications is also a unique experience that Vanpowers brand aims to offer. All UrbanGlide models support the brand's App - Van-Life, which allows users to enjoy additional "fresh" features alongside their rides. These features include wireless control, ride navigation, track and record, rider community, and many other personalized functions. If you love cycling and enjoy recording your life, the Van-Life app can provide you with a unique riding experience. It allows you to not only use the bike easily but also gain a deeper understanding of it and connect with fellow cycling enthusiasts. This is something that Velotric cannot provide!




Why do we recommend the UrbanGlide Pro?


When choosing your first step-through commuter e-bike, both the UrbanGlide Pro and the Discover 1 have a retail price of $1299. However, the UrbanGlide Pro offers more convenience, comfort, sporty design, longer range, professional configurations, and the exciting Van-Life smart App. These are features that the Discover 1 does not possess.


For those who prioritize product experience and quality, choosing the UrbanGlide Pro not only guarantees a superior riding and user experience, but also promises a substantial 6-year frame warranty backed by the brand. Most importantly, all models and batteries have met U.S. UL certification standards. All in all, what Vanpowers has done is ensure riders ride with peace of mind and enjoy high-quality service.


If you're interested in the UrbanGlide Pro, feel free to delve deeper into its features and specifications on the Vanpowers website. To experience the ride firsthand, locate your nearest store here and schedule a test ride.

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