What is the difference between the Commuter and the City Vanture?

Difference City Vanture Commuter
Inspiration for Design Why not allow all tubes be assembled? How can a built-in downtube battery be removed?
Version  It is a new edition of Commuter. It is an old edition of City Vanture.
What models you can choose? Assemble yourself/ Pre-assemble Pre-assemble
Frame Semi-DIY/ LEGO like/ IKEA Assembly Common Brazed One-Piece Frame
How many colors are available? Five Opitions
 (Shining Black, Infinite Silver, Chalk Blue, Ruby, Neon Purple)
One Option
Free Gift Front and Rear Lights plus Fender Set -
Battery Position                                                                                                       Built in downtube
What should you do before replacing the battery? Disassemble this bike till it resembled the one that came in the box. Remove the eight screws at each end of the battery tube.
How long does it take to install? 20-40 mins Less than 20 mins
When the extra battery is mounted, it looks like...
Replace the cover plate to make more room for hiding the battery connector. That's 3D printing prototype :)
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