Vanpowers Bike Successfully Hosts Its First Christmastime Test Ride in California


Vanpowers Bike recently held a test ride at one of its partnered stores in California. Participants chose from Vanpowers' three latest models and got to ride from Irwindale Cycles to the Santa Fe Dam Nature Center and back. The brand also held a raffle for one lucky participant to win a free City Vanture model.

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 17th, 2022, well-known e-bike brand Vanpowers Bike held a test ride event, allowing attendees to experience their three latest models in person. At the offline cooperative store Irwindale Cycles in California, registered participants selected their favorite of the three available e-bikes to ride to the Santa Fe Dam Nature Center and back. The bikes available for test riding were the City Vanture, Vanpowers Bike's premier road bike and best-selling model of the year, as well as the Manidae eMTB and the vintage-inspired Seine model. Although the event is over, those who are interested in taking a test ride can still schedule a date and time on the Vanpowers Bike website.



"Many people are curious about how far they can travel on an e-bike in addition to testing one out. And 'what can I use them for?'  That's our goal: We want to encourage more people to go outside and ride bikes. But we also want to help inform them beforehand, so they're ready to buy a bike. This is what we have been concentrating on." Vanpowers Bike said.

This is not the first time Vanpowers Bike has made headlines. Earlier this year, they invited important players in the cycling industry to experience the City Vanture and its LEGO®-like assembled frame. Many were surprised to find out that this model, which resembles a traditional bicycle, is actually electric, and they were impressed with its speed capabilities.

Many participants arrived early at Irwindale Cycles on December 17th to pick out their preferred e-bike model and get their safety gear before beginning their journey to the Santa Fe Dam Nature Center. After traveling to their destination, they returned to the store and stopped by the reception tent, where riders could grab a snack and fill out a survey about the ride. To make the journey even more worthwhile, participants could also enter into a raffle to win some exclusive prizes provided by Vanpowers Bike, including a City Vanture, the brand's best-selling model, in Neon Purple.

For more information, click here.

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