Review: Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra

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Review: Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra
Peter Willemse Peter Willemse
In this review, the UrbanGlide from the American E-Bike brand Vanpowers is put to the test! We have previously tested a bicycle from this brand, and the City Vanture continues to challenge the well-known brands in the Netherlands with its sleek design, materials used and distances achieved on 1 charge. Now Vanpowers is taking a completely different approach with the UrbanGlide. A bicycle that actually has no real target group, which makes it interesting for a very wide audience. We test the most extensive variant of the 3 options available. The Vanpowers UrbanGlide ultra. Let's go!

Unboxing and assembly

We receive the enormous box in one piece, and of course we can't wait to start unpacking immediately. We are very curious about the UrbanGlide, so everything has to make way for this process 🙂

The box is easy to open by cutting open the tape and strapping material at the bottom. Then you can lift the lid straight up and remove it. This is fine to do alone. Then we see the UrbanGlide for the first time and the color is very beautiful. First impression is important and this one is good! So quickly unpack and assemble!

The bicycle was very carefully packaged and all parts were amply provided with protective material, so the UrbanGlide arrived intact and undamaged.

It is good to mention that very good tools are supplied to assemble the bicycle. These are small details that can make a big difference in the assembly process. Here you can already notice that no half measures have been taken to put the bicycle on the market. After all, good tools are half the battle, right?

During the previous assembly of a VanPowers bicycle I really spent hours on the assembly, but it came back as a kind of jigsaw puzzle. Fortunately, that is not the case now. In short, it only concerns the handlebars, front wheel and mudguard that need to be mounted. And this happened very quickly! So we can ride guys!

First impression

As mentioned earlier, the first impression is very important to me. And the UrbanGlide does not disappoint. The grip of the steering wheel is very pleasant, it immediately feels good and the looks in combination with the design are a perfect whole. The bike is not the lightest E-bike we have tested so far, but that would not suit this bike in my opinion. It is a robust bike with an elegant riding experience. So the best of both worlds. The Vanpowers thus combines elegant design with premium build quality to deliver a comfortable and versatile electric city bike. The suspension system, the drivetrain, the brakes and additional functions.


The Vanpowers UrbanGlide Ultra offers an impressive combination of design and build quality, making it a standout choice in the world of urban electric bikes. The low entry frame design immediately catches the eye and offers both style and functionality. Available in two frame sizes and two different colors – lava red and gunmetal blue.

One of the striking features of the UrbanGlide Ultra is its exceptional driving comfort. This is characterized by a well-thought-out suspension system that provides a cushioned driving experience. The suspension fork, suspension seat post and comfortable wide tires both work well together to deliver an ultra-smooth and comfortable ride. And not only comfortable, but because the bike has some weight and has good suspension, it also gives me a safe feeling. Also in view of the upcoming autumn and winter with slippery leaves and snow/ice, I think I would rather drive on these wide tires than on thin ones!


Safety is of the utmost importance, especially for urban commuters, and the UrbanGlide Ultra takes this seriously. It is equipped with the Tektro E350 hydraulic braking system, specially designed for e-bikes. This system features two-piston calipers for reliable and fast braking performance. In addition, the UrbanGlide Ultra is equipped with mudguards, a rear luggage rack with a generous loading capacity of 25 kilos and both front and rear lights, which unfortunately do not function as a brake light.

The handlebar layout has been carefully designed and reflects the sleek and minimalist frame of the bike. “Less is more” in this case! I'm actually just starting to throw in American terms 🙂

The wheel

One of the standout features I particularly appreciated about the UrbanGlide Ultra was the ergonomic design of the handlebars. This handlebar has a comfortable curve that improves the overall driving experience. At a generous 710 millimeters, they offer ample width, allowing a stable and controlled grip, especially during long journeys or when navigating city traffic. This width contributes to a feeling of confidence and comfort while controlling the bicycle.

To further enhance the ergonomic feeling, the handlebars are equipped with rubber grips that provide a secure and cushioned grip. The control panel on the handlebars has been carefully designed, making things simple and obvious. It features just a few buttons, giving you easy access to essential functions.


Shifting gears on the UrbanGlide Ultra is a piece of cake, thanks to the Microshift rapid-fire shifter. This part is known for its user-friendly operation, making shifting smooth and effortless. Switching really happens at a glance. No rattling or trouble from a chain that is looking for a sprocket. Very direct. Click and Páts, take it up a notch 🙂


The large color display of the bicycle is a very pleasant feature that really makes the bicycle complete. Large, clear displays of the various meters are striking, but certainly not distracting, so that everything can be clearly read at a glance. The operation is obvious and very pleasant to use.


Kleuren Gunmetal Blue/Lava Red
Maten S/L
Gewicht 32 kg
Motor Bafang® M510 48V/250W Mid Drive Motor
Sensor Torque Sensor
Bereik 110Km+
Mode Pedal-Assist
Aantak versnelling Microshift® RD-M26L
Remmen Tektro® HD-E350 Hydraulic
Disc Brake, 180mm Rotors
Zadel Zoom® Suspensions seat
Post, 30mm Travel, with Quick
Release Clamp


Yes, and after all this information about the materials used, riding experience and gigantic range of the UrbanGlide Ultra, you will not be surprised that I rate this bike very highly.

The whole bike is just right. The hydraulic suspension in combination with the fat tires is a match made in heaven. Great for the city, but it is also ideal for unpaved roads. I personally had to get used to the model, but this model can often be seen in the Dutch street scene. This is because it has so much more to offer to its audience due to the low entry level. The driving experience is sublime, really not a bad word about it. The suspension takes care of all the bumps so you can enjoy the ride. I only noticed this when I had to cycle for a while on another bike and then you notice how much the suspension influences the driving behavior. The range is also bizarrely large. I cycled over 90 KM on a single charge. That is lower than stated, but I have continuously driven in level 5 support, something I think consumers will also do. If you are more economical in terms of support, you can certainly achieve even more profit. I am very impressed with the bike. It took a while, but it was really worth it. I say the VanPowers UrbanGlide Ultra is ready for the Dutch market!

Check out the UrbanGlide Ultra here!




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