Vantura de la ciudad
Vantura de la ciudad
Fast, Stylish, Low Maintenance Urban eBike for Your Style
Vantura de la ciudad
Vantura de la ciudad
Vantura de la ciudad
Vantura de la ciudad
Vantura de la ciudad
¡Ligero en sus pies, City Vanture se encuentra con cada uno de tus impulsos! Diseñado perfectamente para la conducción urbana.
Diseño de marco excepcional
Freno de disco hidráulico Tektro®
Pantalla LCD
Sin cadenas oxidadas. Ya no sudar. City Vanture proporciona una conducción cómoda y fácil para acompañar todos y cada uno de los pedales.
Batería de tubo inferior invisible
Motor, sensor, controlador en uno
Gates® Carbon Drive™ CDN™
Número de marco de acero único
Haga que su viaje sea más suave y seguro
Los cinturones Gates y el sillín personalizado están diseñados para satisfacer las demandas de todos los ciclistas.
Está motivado para ganar más millas.
Al instalar una batería adicional, puede ampliar el alcance de 50 millas/80 km a aproximadamente 80 millas/130 km, lo que equivale a la distancia desde Long Beach a Legoland, CA, a máxima velocidad.
  • Ligero
  • 2 horas de tiempo de carga
  • Fácil de instalar
Batería adicional
Módulo de batería doble inteligente
Cuando se reconoce que la energía restante de la batería original es demasiado baja, la batería extendida se conectará automáticamente y se usará en conjunto.
  • Velocidad máxima

    40 km/h 25 MPH

  • Millas

    50 millas/80 km

  • Motor

    EE.UU. 36V/ 350w UE 36V/ 250w

  • Para ciclista

    5'7"~ 6'4"

  • Componentes26 + -
    Colores Negro brillante, plata infinita, púrpura neón, azul tiza, rubí
    Velocidad de asistencia (EE. UU.) Hasta 40 KM/H 25 MPH (5 niveles de asistencia)
    Velocidad de asistencia (UE/RU) Hasta 25 KM/H 15 MPH (5 niveles de asistencia)
    Peso neto 34,17 libras/15,5 kg
    Millas 50 millas/80 km
    Tiempo de carga 2-3 horas
    Carga máxima 120 kg
    Motor EE. UU. 36 V/350 W y UE 36 V/250 W
    Batería Batería de iones de litio de 36 V, 7 Ah/252 Wh, tubo inferior, LG CELL
    Pantalla Pantalla LCD a color TFT resistente al agua IP66
    Cargador 100V-240V / 2A inteligente, estándar de EE. UU. o estándar de la UE
    Cuadro Aleación de aluminio. 21 pulgadas, tamaño de rueda 700C
    Neumáticos Neumático Kenda® 700C*28C
    Llantas Doble pared de aleación de aluminio
    Horquilla delantera Horquilla delantera rígida de aleación de aluminio con montaje de disco, eje pasante
    Frenos Freno de disco hidráulico Tektro®
    Manillar Aleación de aluminio PROMAX®
    Vástago Aleación de aluminio, pantalla integrada
    Nivel de freno Tektro® HD-M285
    Correa Transmisión por correa Gates® CDN
    Rueda de cadena Gates® CDX
    Cubo delantero Eje pasante de 3/8*13G*36H
    Sillín Sillín Urbano Justek para Marrón/ Selle Royal para Negro
    Tija de sillín Promax® Al-Alloy, 30.4MM con Offset
    Pedalear WELLGO®
  • Geometría + -
  • Assembly + -
  • Compared + -
    Difference City Vanture R7
    Frame * LEGO Like Design/ DIY Assembly
     (Our designer worked assiduously to reduce the standard deviation down to a minimized margin of error for frame and tires center line alignment , allowing the bike to achieve a sturdier dynamic performance.)
    Common Brazed One-Piece Frame
    This Suits People Who: Want to challenge themself with a ground zero assembly experience even starting from the frame. Prefer a more slick look with one picece frame.
    What models you can choose? Assemble yourself/ Pre-assemble Pre-assemble
    How many colors are available? Five Opitions
     (Shining Black, Infinite Silver, Chalk Blue, Ruby, Neon Purple)
    One Option
    Free Gift Front and Rear Lights plus Fender Set -
    Battery Position Built in downtube       Built in downtube
    How long does it take to install? 20-40 mins Less than 20 mins
    When the extra battery is mounted, it looks like...

    It is easily installed and has a sleek look.

    Replace the cover plate to make more room for hiding the battery connector. That's 3D printing prototype :)
  • What's included + -

What Influencers Say

Influencer: Doctor D.S.
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
"E-Bikes gibt es inzwischen wie Sand am Meer. Aber ich wette mit euch, dass #VANPOWERS mit gerade mal 15,5KG hattet ihr noch nicht auf dem Radar!"
Influencer: RVdaydream
Model: Standard
Color: Infinite Silver
“I'm shocked by how smooth it is. And the brake is very responsive. It makes you want to ride. ”
Influencer: EbikeProducts
Model: Standard
Color: Neon Purple
"It was designed using ancient (7000 year old) joint building techniques that make this frame super strong."
Influencer: IG@Gregory Bauge
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black & Neon Yellow
"The City Vanture has a unique, intelligent dual battery module."
Influencer: Silver Cymbal
Model: Standard
Color: Chalk Blue
"This is the first one I have shared that was worth my time & hopefully yours too."
Influencer: KhanFlicks
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
"City Vanture greatly improves the safety by designing a frame with a symmetric deviation 1mm and the ancient Chinese tenon-and-mortise structure to increase stability."
Influencer: Electric Vehicles Space
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
"This is the BEST compact electric bike I have tried. "
Influencer: Electric Revolution
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
"Usually, I'm not a fan of E - road bikes, but the Vanture won me over."
Influencer: GC Performance
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
"One of the coolest bike i've ever gotten to ride!"
Influencer: TechTablets
Model: Standard
Color: Chalk Blue
"City Vanture by VanPowers is a 700C wheel city ebike with a 25km/h speed limit (EU model) and up to 80km range."
Influencer: Outdoor Zone
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
You Won't Believe It's An E-Bike!
Influencer: Bike Zone
Model: Standard
Color: Shining Black
Is That An Ebike? New E-bike Released

What the Professionals Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tej Lander
Fantastic value and brilliant performance!

Built my City Vanture last week the moment it arrived! It's a fantastic bit of design and engineering, not to mention great value for money compared with what is often expensive competition. Looks stunning in the 'infinite silver' finish, particularly with the brown-accented tyres, grips and saddle. Also, the ride quality is surprisingly good given the skinny tyres and hardtail design - good news for us UK riders dealing with terrible road surfaces!

My only suggestions to improve the product in future versions would be:

- Give the bike a 'boost button' for making a quick getaway at traffic lights, this could also function as the 'walk assist' button when not pedalling
- Include the fender (mudguards) set with the bike - a nice chrome set would be great to go with the finish of the infinite silver version, perhaps matt black for other finishes.
- Performance is noticeably better wen the battery is fully charged - if there's a way, it would be great if it stayed this good even when on half/a quarter of a charge.
- Include lights that are powered from the battery - seems a little silly to have to charge aftermarket lights regularly or fit a dynamo when there's a significant power pack sitting right there in the down tube!
- This one would be a real game changer: offer an option to spec up the bike with a crank gear set from Efneo (thus allowing the belt drive to be retained) - a 'hill climbing' ratio, middle ratio the same as the current fixed one and then a 'downhill' upper ratio for max speed would take this bike to whole new level!

All in all though, very pleased with the purchase - would recommend with reservation.

Stan Lau
Love my first e-bike and Vanpowers support

It is a nicely built (by myself) bike with stealth look that no one know it is an e-bike until they saw the display. Perfect for paved road, need some shock absorber for those potholes and uneven path in UK.

Great bike

Great bike. The tires are thin, as with road bikes. I assembled it in 4 hours. I really enjoy it.

Sam Anderson
I Just love the City Vanture

Around 8 years ago I had to stop riding mountain bikes after damaging my neck 4 years later I had major spine surgery to have an artificial disk inserted to replace a damaged vertebra! 4 years on and I'm got back on a bike for the first time and it amazing, the City Vanture pedal assist works so smoothly to help flatten out those hard parts or the ride
The City Vanture is so well engineered I weigh 300lbs and it handled my weigh with no issues at all I use the bike on all surfaces and it takes what I ever I throw at it!
why not check out the video

Alan Wyborn
City Vanture

Good ontime delivery easy to assemble, only done about ten miles. But first impressions are good

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