Vanpowers Donates a $2699 e-Bike to Support Dog-Fest Fundraiser

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 21st, professional e-bike brand Vanpowers participated in the Dog-Fest Fundraiser hosted by the La Verne K-9 & Police Foundation in La Verne, California, USA. This event aimed to raise funds for the local foundation for police and police dogs as well as bring joy to the many families and dog lovers who attended.



As one of the sponsors, Vanpowers donated one of their Seine e-bikes, worth $2699, in Shining Black to serve as the first prize for participating in the fundraising event. This retro Dutch-style e-bike perfectly balances aesthetics with performance, making it suitable for both urban commuting and leisure riding. Its powerful motor, comfortable seat, and elegant appearance make it one of Vanpowers' star products. During the event, participants spent $1 to purchase a raffle ticket from the organizers to participate in a lucky draw and have the chance to win this striking e-bike.


In addition to their donation, Vanpowers also set up a booth at the event, providing free test rides and professional guidance to those interested in e-bikes. Participants were able to ride three of Vanpowers' hottest e-bikes on the market: the LEGO®-like assembled road bike, the City Vanture; the fat-tire mountain bike, the Manidae; and the Seine, as well as their newest upcoming model, the UrbanGlide. These e-bikes each have their own unique design and performance characteristics to ensure that riders can get the functions and aesthetics they prefer. At the event, participants were able to try out different electric bikes and also get dog-themed gifts and exclusive product discounts by playing interactive games. The excited atmosphere at the event reached its peak when the lucky Ms. Hayley Marie Colston won the donated e-bike. She expressed her gratitude for Vanpowers' generous support and looked forward to exploring with her new e-bike.

"This event was a hit thanks to the e-bike donated by Vanpowers!" said the organizers. "We were able to raise more money than expected. Thank you so much, and we hope everyone enjoyed the day."

The four e-bikes available for test rides at the event made strong impressions, especially the UrbanGlide. This new model is another blockbuster product from Vanpowers, and it will see its official launch very soon at the (e)revolution National E-Bike B2B2C Trade and Consumer Show in Denver, Colorado, from June 8th to 11th at the Colorado Convention Center. Those interested can go to the show and find booth 6627 to experience this forward-thinking, intelligently crafted e-bike firsthand. Vanpowers' official website will open pre-sale orders for the UrbanGlide starting June 8th at a staggeringly low early bird price.


About Vanpowers:

Vanpowers is an e-bike brand that focuses on eco-friendly cycling. They are devoted to providing customers with green, convenient, and efficient transportation tools to make outdoor adventures more enjoyable regardless of the terrain. Vanpowers creates high-quality, high-performance, and high-tech e-bikes that enable every rider to journey farther with carefree confidence. In addition to constantly exploring innovative ideas and advanced technology, Vanpowers also attaches great importance to social responsibility. "We were delighted to participate in the Dog-Fest Fundraiser," said the Vanpowers team. "In the future, we will continue to support community events and make our contributions to public welfare causes like this one."

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