Vanpowers Bike Launches eMTB Manidae: High-Performance Off-road All-Rounder e-Bike That Can Take On Many Trails

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Electric bike company Vanpowers Bike builds high-end electric bikes that aim to make riding a breeze. Vanpowers Bike is pleased to announce their new fat tire eMTB Manidae this year. Manidae is the best all-rounder to help riders flee the city to enjoy more riding fun for beach and camping adventure.


The Manidae has a clean look and a stable 750W of rated power. The motor provides speed of up to 28 mph, with a 85 Nm torque on offer. It is easier to start from a stop, with plenty of assistance for the best climbs, range, and speed. The best all-rounders aren't just good at either taking on challenging trails or getting home quickly at the end of the workday; they perform equally well on extended rides as they do throughout your daily commute.


People can cruise with ease and ride with more power. Manidae has both thumb throttle and pedal assist modes. Switch between systems on the fly, enjoying the ride your way.

The removable 672Wh lithium-ion battery with premium LG cells provides up to 70 miles of range, which is suitable for traveling and has a long range. People can get along perfectly with Manidae and enjoy longer rides without fear of draining battery power during the journey. The battery seamlessly integrates into the frame, which is safer and more secure in the event of a crash.

The beefy, stiff hydraulic suspension fork provides 95 mm of travel. When conquering rugged muddy terrain, and exploring miles of backcountry trails, it helps riders absorb bumps and provides a more comfortable ride while staying light and efficient. The fork performs well in fast berms and challenging landings, offering strong traction and plenty of reserve. Suspension front forks and soft fat tires make this hardtail eMTB more comfortable and safe to ride.

The 26'' x 4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires can strike a good balance between rolling resistance and grip. Take on snow and sand, rough and rooted trails, or other loose or rocky terrains. Maximize ride comfort and improve the overall feel.

Manidae is also equipped with high-quality components that people need: Shimano® 8-speed drivetrain, central LCD display, Selle Royal® saddle. It also has a back rack to help people carry backpacks or supplies for BBQ and camping.

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About Vanpowers Bike

Vanpowers Bike is an e-bike brand specializing in giving riders the smoothest possible riding experience no matter the terrain. Founded in 2022 on the values of ease, efficiency, and comfort, VPB is dedicated to designing e-bikes that allow you to stay on the cutting edge of technology while maintaining sleek, classic aesthetics and without spending hours of your day waiting for a full charge.


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