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1.Governing Terms and Conditions

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2. Registration

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Please read our Privacy Policy, which describes the personally identifiable information we collect, use, disclose, manage, and store. As part of the registration process for the features or functions, you will register a username and password. Your username and password are personal to you, and you may not allow others to use your username or password under any circumstances. We are not liable for any harm caused by or related to the theft or misappropriation of your username or password, disclosure of your username or password, or authorization of anyone else to use your username or password. You agree to immediately notify us if you become aware of or believe that there is or may have been any unauthorized use of (or activity while using) your username or password or any other need to deactivate your username or password due to security concerns.

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This Website or any portion of this Website may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without Vanpowers' express written consent.

4. Orders and Acceptance

When a Customer places an order on this Website, the order will not be deemed accepted by Vanpowers unless and until an order acknowledgment is sent to the Customer via email by Vanpowers ("Order Confirmation"). Please add our email address to the whitelist to prevent you from not receiving notification emails. Orders accepted by Vanpowers may not be canceled by the Customer without Vanpowers' express written consent, which Vanpowers may withhold at its sole discretion. All orders are subject to the availability of the ordered Product. Also, even if an order has been accepted, Vanpowers may subsequently cancel the order wholly or in part due to Product availability (including, without limitation, any discontinuation of the Product), price change, an incorrect Product price being displayed on this Website, or any reason otherwise determined by Vanpowers at its sole discretion. The Customer will be notified of any order cancellation, and any amounts the Customer has paid to Vanpowers with respect to the order shall be refunded to the Customer as outlined in the "Payment" paragraph of these Terms.

5. Transportation

Unless otherwise provided, Our Company shall use its judgment in determining carrier and routing. In either case, Our Company shall not be liable for any delays or excessive transportation charges resulting from its selection.

6. Packing

Unless otherwise provided, Our Company will comply only with its minimum packing standards for the method of transportation selected. The cost of all special packing, loading, or bracing requested by the Buyer will be paid for by the Buyer. All costs of packing and shipment for the Buyer's special equipment shall be paid for by the Buyer.

7. Taxes and Import/Export Licenses

Prices do not include taxes. Taxes are paid by the Buyer upon invoice from Our Company unless the Buyer provides a valid exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authority or unless Our Company is forbidden by law from collecting said taxes from the Buyer. Import or export licenses are to be secured by the Buyer.

8. Title and Risk of Loss

Delivery to the carrier shall constitute delivery to the Buyer, and after that, the risk of loss or damage shall pass to the Buyer. Any claim by the Buyer relative to damage during shipping or delivery should be made directly to the carrier. Any claims by the Buyer against Our Company for shortage or damage occurring before such delivery to the carrier must be made within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the goods and accompanied by the original transportation bill signed by the carrier noting that the carrier received the goods from Our Company in the condition claimed. Notwithstanding the passage of the risk of loss to the Buyer, the title and right of possession to the goods sold hereunder shall remain with Our Company until all payments hereunder—including deferred payments evidenced by notes or otherwise, interest, carrying charges, and attorneys' fees—have been made in cash. The Buyer agrees to do all acts necessary to perfect and maintain such a right and title in Our Company.

9. Force Majeure

Our Company shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations resulting directly or indirectly from or contributed to by acts of God; actions of the Buyer or civil or military authority, including wage and price controls; fires; war; riot; delays in transportation; a lack of or inability to obtain raw materials (including energy sources), components, labor, fuel or supplies; or other circumstances beyond Our Company's reasonable control, whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing. If certain quantities are affected and other quantities are not, the quantities affected shall be eliminated without liability, but the agreement shall remain unaffected. During any period of shortage due to any of said causes, our Company may allocate its supply of such raw materials among its various users thereof in any manner which ALL Companies involved deem fair and reasonable. In no event shall Our Company be liable for special or consequential damages due to any delay for any cause.


All goods sold by Our Company are warranted to the Buyer to be free from defects in material and workmanship and manufactured in accordance with industry standards. The foregoing warranty is non-assignable and acts in lieu of and excludes all other warranties not expressly set forth herein, whether express or implied by operation of the law or otherwise, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of marketability or fitness. No agent, employee, or representative of Our Company has any authority to bind Our Company to any representation, affirmation, or warranty concerning the goods, and any such representation, affirmation, or warranty shall not be deemed a part of the basis of this agreement and shall be unenforceable.

Our Company shall not be liable under the foregoing warranty if any loss or damage is caused by improper application or use of the goods. Our Company disclaims all liability concerning the design of goods and makes no warranty concerning such design. This warranty acts in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, whether express, implied, or statutory, including implied warranties of marketability or fitness.

11. Price

Applicable prices are those in force at the moment of the conclusion of the purchase agreement. During the period that Vanpowers mentions in its offer, Vanpowers' prices do not change, except for price changes that may result from changes in tax rates.

Unless provided otherwise, the prices mentioned in our offers include VAT and all other taxes but exclude shipping costs. Shipping costs may vary depending on the mode and country of delivery.

Vanpowers will always inform you of the total price before you proceed with your order.

12. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and are to be construed following the laws of the United States.

All purchases will be processed by our respective entity in the corresponding country, indicated by the country code in the billing statement, and are governed by local law.

e-Bike Classifications and Laws:

United States:

Federal laws give states the freedom to regulate electric bikes in unique ways. Classification systems and e-bike laws in California are different from those you'll find in other states. If you own an e-bike or are considering purchasing one, take some time to understand California's regulations, as well as those you'll encounter across state lines.

Electric Bike Laws and Regulations

There are three different classes of e-bikes. Classes were created to determine how e-bikes should be used according to local e-bike laws. Currently, 36 states across the US utilize the three-class system for electric bikes. States may alter some details within their three-tier systems, but most are very similar. The classes include:

Class 1: The Class 1 e-bike assists only when you pedal and stops assisting when you reach 20 mph—great for bike lanes, bike paths, roads, or anywhere you'd take a traditional bike.

Class 2: The Class 2 e-bike is equipped with a throttle that provides a boost without pedaling and stops assisting at 20 mph.

Class 3: The Class 3 e-bike is equipped with a speedometer and only assists until the bike reaches 28 mph—an excellent choice for commuters.

The most popular bikes fit into Class 1 or Class 3 because riders still want to pedal.

United Kingdom:

You can ride an electric bike if you're 14 or over, as long as it meets certain requirements.

These electric bikes are known as electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPC) and comply with UKCA certification guidelines. You do not need a license to ride one, and it does not need to be registered, taxed, or insured.

What counts as an EAPC?

An EAPC must have pedals that can be used to propel it.

It must show either:

The power output OR The manufacturer of the motor.

It must also show either:

The battery’s voltage OR The maximum speed of the bike.

Its electric motor:

  • Must have a maximum power output of 250 watts.
  • Should not be able to propel the bike when it is traveling at more than 15.5 mph.

An EAPC can have more than two wheels (for example, a tricycle).

Where can you ride?

If a bike meets the EAPC requirements, it is classed as a normal pedal bike. This means you can ride it on cycle paths and anywhere else pedal bikes are allowed.

Other kinds of electric bikes:

Any electric bike that does not meet the EAPC rules is classed as a motorcycle or moped and needs to be registered and taxed. You will need a driving license to ride one, and you must wear a crash helmet.

Getting vehicle approval for your electric bike

An electric bike must be type-approved if either:

  • It can be propelled without pedaling (a “twist and go” EAPC)
  • It does not meet the EAPC rules.

This should have been done by the manufacturer or importer before you bought it. If it's been type-approved, it will have a plate showing its type approval number.


Our e-bikes comply with European harmonized safety standard EN 15194.

The basic principle of this law is that manufacturers must make sure that the products they put on the market are safe. If a problem with an e-bike occurs and the vehicle complies with EN 15194, then it will benefit from a presumption of conformity with GPSD. If the e-bike does not have EN 15194 certification, there will be no such presumption, and it will therefore be more challenging for the manufacturer to prove that the vehicle they have put on the market was safe.

As a general note, cyclists in the EU:

  • Must keep to the right of the road, bike lane, or carriageway. In the UK and Ireland, keep to the left.
  • Must give the appropriate hand signals when wishing to make a turn.
  • Must ride in single file except when passing another cyclist, making a turn, where cycle traffic is heavier than normal, or when the carriageway is wide enough.
  • Must use cycle lanes when there are those lanes present. Cyclists cannot choose to use motorways or similar roads unless in the absence of a cycling lane. Various member states in the EU have designated road traffic laws that, when present, ban electric bicycles from using cycling lanes. Inquire with local law enforcement in your country to see if this applies to you.
  • Must cycle with at least one hand on the handlebar at all times.
  • Must not tow or push objects which inhibit their cycling or endanger other cyclists, pedestrians, or drivers.

When pushing or walking a bike on foot, individuals are considered pedestrians and can use the sidewalk.

You can check your state regulations and local laws.


Our Company specifically represents that any goods to be delivered hereunder will be produced in compliance with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1939, as amended. 

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