Review :Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro Ebike: Elevating Your Urban Commute

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Review :Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro Ebike: Elevating Your Urban Commute

Vanpowers UrbanGlide Review 

Vanpowers ebikes is a relatively new manufacturer that’s still in the early stages of building a strong following and reputation among giants like Rad Power Bikes or Aventon. They offer several ebikes ranging in price from $1,300 to $2,500, currently offering five models. Recently we reviewed Vanpower’s  City Vanture, a belt drive city ebike, and now this month we have the pleasure of reviewing the UrbanGlide Pro. Is it worth its $1,899 price tag? Keep reading this Vanpowers ebike review to learn everything to make an informed decision on the UrbanGlide Pro.

Efficient Quality and Comfort

The UrbanGlide Pro from Vanpowers arrives as an enticing option for urban commuters because of its precise combination of responsive acceleration and comfortable ride. Priced at $1,899, the UrbanGlide Pro ebike stands shoulder to shoulder with its competitors like Aventon and Juiced Bikes, making it an exciting proposition for those seeking a budget-friendly, high-performance city commuter.


Specs of the Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro




Remy Green/Lava Red/Zircon Gray


6061 A1 Alloy Frame

Frame Size



70.55 lbs./32 kg


500W High-Speed Brushless Hub Motor


48V 14.4Ah removable lithium-ion battery, LG cells

Battery Capacity

14.4A, 690Wh, 48V

Assist Speed



Torque Sensor


Thumb throttle


65-70 miles



Front fork

Zoom Hydraulic Suspension Fork with Lockout, 80mm travel

Rear Derailleur

Microshift® RD-M26L 8-Speed


Hydraulic Disc Brake, 180mm Rotors


Kenda 27.5”*22.2” K1052 tires with K-shield resistant layer, reflective sidewall, 60TPI


3.5’ color TFT-LCD display, adaptive brightness, bluetooth


Urban cruiser handlebar, 720mm length, 38mm rise, 25-degree back sweep


VELO saddle, 261mm*197mm

Front light

80 LUX

Tail light

Brake light


Zoom® Adjustable Stem, 90mm, 0-90 degree

Seat Post

Zoom® Suspension Seat Post, 30mm Travel, with Quick Release Clamp

Rear rack

Aluminum Alloy, Max load 25kg/55lbs


Aluminum allow, 9/16” axle



1st Impressions

Look and Feel

The UrbanGlide Pro’s durable 6061 alloy step-through frame accommodates a diverse range of riders. Offering both small and large sizes, this ebike ensures a comfortable fit for individuals from 5’1” to 6’3” , making it an inclusive choice for urban commuters. What’s more, it’s available in three distinct colors: Remy Green, Lava Red, and Zircon Gray, allowing you to choose a style that suits your personality and preferences.

Weighing 70.55 pounds including the battery, you wouldn’t want to have to carry the UrbanGlide Pro often, but it still delivers remarkable maneuverability. Navigating through crowded city streets is a breeze on this Vanpowers ebike, adding  convenience to your daily commute.

Comfort – Seats and handlebars

Riding comfort is paramount to daily riding, and the UrbanGlide Pro takes this seriously. It comes equipped with a Velo saddle and an adjustable handlebar, allowing you to tailor your seating and riding position. 

Few ebikes in this price range offer a suspension seat post as standard equipment like the UrbanGlide Pro. This thoughtful addition absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride even on bumpy city terrain. Your backside will thank you for the added comfort

Also,the UrbanGlide Pro comes  with the Zoom® hydraulic suspension fork.This high-end component gives you 80 millimeters of travel and a smooth, comfortable ride, offering the chance to get off the pavement and take on light trails.

LCD Display

The 3.5-inch color LCD display on the UrbanGlide Pro is more than just eye candy. It provides  essential information at a glance, from speed and battery life to pedal assist levels. Stay informed and in control throughout your ride, enhancing your overall biking experience.

UrbanGlide Up Close

Main specs- motor/battery/brakes

Underneath the UrbanGlide Pro’s sleek exterior lies a 500-watt high-speed brushless hub motor, adding powerful performance for your urban commute. Whether you’re tackling hills or accelerating from a stop, this motor offers ample torque to make your ride enjoyable and efficient.

The 48-volt, 14.4 Amp-hour battery with a 6-hour recharge time is powerful and user-friendly. Its removable design adds convenience to your charging routine, allowing you to easily recharge it wherever you need to. No need to drag your ebike inside; simply remove the battery and charge it indoors.

The eight-speed micro shift RD-M26L rear derailleur ensures seamless gear changes, while the hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable stopping power. Additionally, the Kenda 27.5 by 2.2-inch tires, fortified with a K-shield resistant layer and reflective sidewalls, provide excellent grip and visibility.

A Test Ride to Remember

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the specs, it’s time to hit the road. During our test ride, the UrbanGlide Pro showcased its responsive torque sensor. Unlike some ebikes with sluggish sensors, the UrbanGlide Pro ebike  offers instant acceleration upon hitting the throttle, making for a dynamic riding experience, especially when starting from a stop.

The 500-watt motor’s capability shone as it efficiently tackled hills while maintaining a comfortable speed. Although the top speed is capped at 20 miles per hour, the acceleration more than compensates, ensuring you can effortlessly navigate city traffic while staying safe. Other ebikes offer bigger motors and higher speeds, but you don’t miss it because of the UrbanGlide Pro’s nimble acceleration.

The combination of the Zoom® suspension fork and seat post with versatile tires guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride. The UrbanGlide Pro offers a hybrid feel, making it suitable for city streets and light off-roading.

The Positives

The UrbanGlide Pro delivers numerous advantages over other similarly priced ebikes, including: 

Efficient Motor and Responsive Torque Sensor

Bigger isn’t always better, as is the case with the UrbanGlide Pro’s 500-watt motor. Some ebikes in this price range sport 750 to 1000-watt engines, but they still might not keep up in stop-and-go traffic because of the excellent torque sensor and resulting acceleration of the UrbanGlide Pro. The 500-watt motor and responsive torque sensor are an efficient combination that will leave most riders satisfied.

Sleek Design

The UrbanGlide Pro boasts clean lines, sharp angles, and seamless battery integration , creating a sleek and visually appealing frame. The absence of unsightly welds contributes to the bike’s overall aesthetic appeal, making it a visually pleasing step through frame.

Unmatched Comfort

This ebike prioritizes your comfort with wide, rugged tires, front suspension, suspension seat post, and an adjustable handlebar. To top it off, the UrbanGlide Pro offers customization options with its adjustable stem, allowing you to fine-tune the handlebar’s height and angle. Coupled with smooth trigger shift gears, the UrbanGlide Pro provides a remarkably seamless and comfortable ride, solidifying its status as one of the top choices among daily commuter ebikes.

Quality Metal Fenders

The UrbanGlide Pro’s attention to detail extends to its fenders, a feature that might seem trivial but greatly contributes to the overall riding experience. These metal fenders not only exude quality but also align perfectly and stay straight, instilling confidence compared to the flimsy plastic fenders on most ebikes. The rear fender came installed, and the front fender was simple to align and attach for protection from splashes on rainy days.

UrbanGlide Pro

The Negatives

While the UrbanGlide Pro has numerous strengths, it has downsides that you must understand before buying, such as:

Paint Durability

While my initial impression of the UrbanGlide Pro celebrated its sleek design and the impeccable welds that seamlessly meld the frame, I can’t overlook a noteworthy concern – the paint job.

The ebike’s paint, while visually appealing, may not be the most durable. After our short time testing the bike, it already showed scuffs and wear. If you want your new ebike to look like a new ebike for a long time, you might have issues with the UrbanGlide Pro.

Cable Management

Neat freaks may be bothered by the visible cables. While it may not steal the spotlight, it certainly contributes to the overall aesthetics of your ebike. Adding velcro sleeves for cable management could keep things tidy and concealed.

No Battery Upgrade

Also, the battery might leave you wanting more. With a 690 watt-hour capacity and a 60 to 70 mile range, it may seem substantial, especially for  city riders. However, it’s worth noting that there are ebikes out there with larger batteries.

Some rival companies, such as Juiced, offer the convenience of battery upgrades, either as a checkout option or post-purchase. It would be a welcome addition if such flexibility were offered with the UrbanGlide Pro ebike, allowing riders to tailor their battery capacity to their specific needs.

Speed Limit

The 20-miles-per-hour top speed might deter some riders seeking higher speeds. In my perspective, it’s the rapid acceleration that truly counts, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing a secure and efficient commute. So, while it may not match the top speeds of some competitors, the UrbanGlide Pro compensates with its impressive motor and torque response, delivering a zippy and invigorating ride. Of course, there are other options with 28-miles-per-hour limits that might deliver the speed you’re looking for.

Limited Frame Options

Currently, the UrbanGlide Pro exclusively offers step-through frames, which may not suit all rider preferences. While we appreciate that the bike comes in two sizes, small and large, both sizes are step-throughs. Offering alternative frame styles would enhance the bike’s versatility, accommodating a wider range of riders and their comfort and aesthetic preferences.

UrbanGlide Pro At the Pier

A Commuter’s Dream Come True

The Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro redefines the urban commuting experience, striking an ideal balance between affordability and quality. With its efficient motor, sleek design, exceptional suspension, and high-quality fenders, this ebike offers tremendous value at just $1,899.While it may not reach the highest top speeds or offerbattery upgrades, the UrbanGlide Pro excels where it counts, providing the acceleration you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned urban cyclist or new to the ebike scene, the Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro is your ticket to superior acceleration and bump-absorbing suspension. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your daily commute – hop aboard the UrbanGlide Pro and discover a world of urban mobility.


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