If you've never used a mortise and tenon structure, City Vanture will tell you the answer on the road


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May 23, 2022, 09:00 ET

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The mortise and tenon joint is ancient joint dating back 7000 years, which is very strong and stable. They furnish a strong outcome and connect by either gluing or locking into place. Mortise and tenon joints also give a very attractive look. The mortise and tenon structure was a commonly used construction method in ancient times. With the tenon-and-mortise design, the building is still as stable as a mountain without a single nail, standing for thousands of years. It is now used by Vanpowers Bike on their latest urban electric bike, the City Vanture. It is also the first e-bike to use a mortise and tenon structure, and the first electric bike with an assembled frame, achieving outstanding balance and sturdiness.

If you've never used a mortise and tenon structure, this electric bike will tell you the answer on the road.

Many one-piece frames is heated at high temperature after welding, and repeated manual correction and grinding will cause the frame to have a center deviation and a high scrap rate. The mortise and tenon frame requires more precise measurements, greatly controls and reduces centerline deviation, and helps the joint force move forward, achieving better stability, smooth-riding, and increased safety. City Vanture has undergone 150,000 frame strength tests. After 150,000 vibrations, all frame parts are not damaged, obviously deformed or loose. The stability of the assembled frame allows City Vanture to carry heavier loads and is safer to ride. At the same time, the assembled frame is not complicated to install, and it is as fun as assembling Lego. City Vanture is about to undergo TUV SUD testing. The TUV SUD testing laboratory has all the necessary testing equipment to ensure that the frame/safety components/electrical system fully meets the requirements of EU GOV & MARKET, and the German headquarters will sign the certificate.

Vanpowers Bike is committed to reducing waste, recycling energy, and making commuting greener. City Vanture's battery can be safely removed and installed when routine maintenance is required, enabling recyclable e-bikes. Assembled frames also minimize scrap during frame production.

City Vanture is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on May 24, 2022, and there will be upgraded kits for City Vanture. More than ten customized frame colors, extended battery, tires, rims, handlebars, etc. With the super early bird price of $1399 and many upgrades simultaneously, only 65 ones can get the City Vanture at this best price. For more information, follow Vanpowers.bike and the official Facebook account @Vanpowers_bike.

Made from lightweight 6061 aluminum and weighing only 35lbs (15.5kg), you can lift City Vanture upstairs as easily as you'd expect.

City Vanture is an EPAC compliant, EU law compliant, and EN 15194 certified pedelec. The US version motor is 36V/350W, and the maximum speed is 40 km/h 25 mph. The EU version motor is 36V/250W, and the maximum speed is 25 km/h 15 mph. 1-5 PAS levels subdivide acceleration levels to help save power. City Vanture uses a completely silent Gates® belt, Magura® disc brakes for excellent braking power, and 700C*28C Kenda® tires for great grip.

The 36V 7Ah LG3500 lithium battery is removable and hidden inside the down tube to create a clean look and protect the battery. It can provide a range of 50 miles (80 kilometers) with just two hours of charging. City Vanture will provide an upgrade kit in this crowdfunding campaign, you can buy an extended battery, and the battery life can be increased to 80 miles (130 km), which is equivalent to the distance from Long Beach to Legoland, CA, at the top speed. City Vanture's extended battery has a unique dual-battery smart system that intelligently recognizes the usage of primary and extended batteries and balances consumption, saving power and extending battery life.

To ensure a clean and streamlined appearance, City Vanture's wiring is mostly hidden inside the frame, which ensures that the wires are protected inside the frame, extending the life of the e-bike. A central color LCD shows 1-5 PAS levels, odometer, trip, current speed, battery, and walking assist, which assists when pushing the e-bike. The central LCD controller is on the side of the handlebar and can be easily controlled with one hand while riding, making it easier for the rider to concentrate on riding and reducing safety risks.

Stay tuned for City Vanture's crowdfunding campaign on May 24th.

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