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City Vanture
Tej Lander
Fantastic value and brilliant performance!

Built my City Vanture last week the moment it arrived! It's a fantastic bit of design and engineering, not to mention great value for money compared with what is often expensive competition. Looks stunning in the 'infinite silver' finish, particularly with the brown-accented tyres, grips and saddle. Also, the ride quality is surprisingly good given the skinny tyres and hardtail design - good news for us UK riders dealing with terrible road surfaces!

My only suggestions to improve the product in future versions would be:

- Give the bike a 'boost button' for making a quick getaway at traffic lights, this could also function as the 'walk assist' button when not pedalling
- Include the fender (mudguards) set with the bike - a nice chrome set would be great to go with the finish of the infinite silver version, perhaps matt black for other finishes.
- Performance is noticeably better wen the battery is fully charged - if there's a way, it would be great if it stayed this good even when on half/a quarter of a charge.
- Include lights that are powered from the battery - seems a little silly to have to charge aftermarket lights regularly or fit a dynamo when there's a significant power pack sitting right there in the down tube!
- This one would be a real game changer: offer an option to spec up the bike with a crank gear set from Efneo (thus allowing the belt drive to be retained) - a 'hill climbing' ratio, middle ratio the same as the current fixed one and then a 'downhill' upper ratio for max speed would take this bike to whole new level!

All in all though, very pleased with the purchase - would recommend with reservation.

Jim Motavalli
UrbanGlide review

So far I’m enjoying the bike. A couple minor issues in assembling—getting the handlebars right. I didn’t realize there is a sleep button for the battery. Hadn’t encountered that before. It rides well, plenty of power. Id have preferred a regular progressive hand throttle to the turbo button that’s either on or off. Overall positive. Seems well built.

I love my Cityvanture.

Plenty of power for my needs. This is my 4th Vanpowers bike and it is my favorite so far.

Heather Boos

The Urban Glide E-Bike has completely exceeded our expectations! Its gorgeous design and vibrant colors have won us over, and it's become my wife's ultimate go-to for getting around. She effortlessly rides it to the market daily. The powerful electric assistance makes uphill rides and long distances a breeze, ensuring fatigue-free travel.

I must also commend Vanpowers for their exceptional service. From the moment I placed the order, their proactive email updates on the shipping progress were impressive. Within a week, the e-bike arrived at our doorstep, leaving us delighted with their efficiency.

Love vanpowers!

The Urban Glide Pro is awesome! Had a little hiccup during setup
(I accidentally connected the wires incorrectly, which caused the
display not to light up), but the Vanpowers customer service was super patient
and got me back on track. Been cruising on the Urban Glide Pro
for around 50 clicks now, and it's totally nailing it!

Vanpowers is the best choice

I purchased myself the Urban Glide Ultra, supposedly their newest model, and I'm genuinely stoked about its features. The toolkit they threw in is pretty nifty, packed with all sorts of tools – I've found it handy for putting together other stuff too. And that removable battery? Big thumbs up – it's a total game-changer for easy charging.

Love them!

Just got my Urban Glide Standard, and let me tell you, this bike takes the cake as the coolest one I've ever owned. Ran into a tiny bump with shipping, but a chat with Vanpowers customer service and they had it sorted in a jiffy. Super helpful, and the bike is amazing!

Vanpowers is trustworthy

One reason I went with the Urban Glide Pro was its tough rear rack – just what I needed for my toolbox. Super handy and I'm totally digging it!

Choosing vanpowers won't regret it

Got my Urban Glide Pro around a week back. Putting it together was a piece of cake, and all the parts came in one piece. I've taken it out for a spin a bunch of times, and no glitches so far. Vanpowers crew is seriously top-notch – they're quick to reply and always lend a hand whenever I'm unsure about something.

Worth purchasing!

The Urban Glide standard is hands down the best e-bike of 2023, no contest. There's a steep hill right outside my house, and when I take the Urban Glide for a spin, I conquer it like a breeze. The ride is silky smooth, and the motor's sound is barely noticeable. I thoroughly enjoy every day spent with the Urban Glide – it's truly fantastic.

Becky Daniels
Identify vanpowers

It's truly remarkable – the Urban Glide Ultra lives up to its price. Every ride feels as smooth as strolling on the moonlit surface. I experience boundless energy while riding (thanks to the Bafang motor, I've heard). The detachable battery makes charging a breeze, and I no longer have to struggle to move the bike to the charging point.

Beloved Vanpowers

All in all, it's been a good experience. I purchased the Urban Glide Ultra three weeks ago, but upon receiving it, I faced an issue where the display screen wouldn't light up during assembly. After multiple discussions with Vanpowers' customer servi
ce, they decided to hook me up with a new bike. I received the new bike three days ago, and now it rides perfectly without any issues. Grateful for Vanpowers' support!

E-bike Chain Lock (110CM)
Henning Kristensen

Super service and fast reply

Amazing e-bike

love it

Michael Brooks
Most Comfortable, Quietest Bike I've Ever Ridden!

So I had the chance to get the Urban Glide before it was available to the public. I'm a YouTuber who reviews e-bikes, so I've ridden quite a few. To be honest, I didn't know if I'd like the thinner tires. I've ridden a lot of "fat tires" and have grown accustomed to their noise. But the thinner tires on the Urban Glide are amazingly quiet. And the dual suspension makes the ride very comfortable, even on very rough surfaces. The step-through design is a nice touch and will benefit riders of all shapes and sizes. I especially like the suspension under the seat. It's a life saver (butt saver, too). And that color! The gray paint is gorgeous and looks like something that car company would use. It was perfect! No drips or imperfections. Let me end by saying the Urban Glide will change your life. I hope it gives you as much joy as it gives me!

Chris Caiazzo

I can't honestly say whether i like the Seine I have not received as of yet.
Chris, CC electric cycles

Great bike after some adjustment

At first, I didn't get used to the seat and the speed. With the help of my friends, I adjusted some details. Then I rode for an afternoon. The overall feeling was great!

Jeff H.
My 3rd and BEST E-bike

My first e-bike was too small. My second e-bike was too big (cruiser). This e-bike does everything - I'm using it for short errands and to commute to work. The ride is smooth due to the full suspension. the 500w motor propels the bike faster than I can peddle!

City Vanture
City Vanture has been great!

We have had this bike for over 10 months without any problems, and it gets used 6 days a week. Small issue with the key and the company is making it right at no cost. Customer service responds within 24 hours every time. Everyone loves the bike and how comfortable it is to ride, especially compared to other brands. Highly recommend!!!


Charged once and rode for a long distance without losing power. The key is to drive at high speed throughout the journey. This motor is great,as powerful as the 1000w motor I bought before!

City Vanture
Great E-bike!!!

I recommend this bike to anyone.

Excellent bike

It was relatively easy to assemble. This is a fantastic bike, and we will buy another one so we have one for each adult.

Convenient ebike and the best quality

It has been a week since I received the goods. It is easy to assemble. I ride it every day these days. I bought it because it is equipped with a 350W motor. It really didn't disappoint me. I am going to buy another one for my father!

Dec lee
It is a beast.

This is my first ebike and I'm a little shocked at how much of a beast this thing is. It rides like a truck on two wheels and the pedal-assist turns most straight-line travel into an effortless activity. The top speed is kinda insane for a bike !

City Vanture
Stan Lau
Love my first e-bike and Vanpowers support

It is a nicely built (by myself) bike with stealth look that no one know it is an e-bike until they saw the display. Perfect for paved road, need some shock absorber for those potholes and uneven path in UK.

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