We Successfully Reached the Crowdfunding Goal for City Vanture

BRIDGEWATER, New JerseyJune 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanpowers Bike successfully reached its crowdfunding goal for City Vanture. City Vanture is the world's first road e-bike with an assembled-frame. This is not the first time that Vanpowers Bike has made electric bicycles. As early as before, Sailvan Times Technology Co., Ltd., the company behind Vanpowers Bike, has created a popular electric bicycle brand Ancheer.

At present, the crowdfunding campaign of City Vanture is still in progress. The crowdfunding price is $1399. There are only a few left that can be purchased at this best price. After the crowdfunding is over, City Vanture will return to its original retail price. The crowdfunding price will be the lowest price ever.

This assembled frame reduces the center deviation of the frame to less than 1mm, almost reaching the level of road racing bike. The minimal center deviation gives the assembled frame a superior and smoother ride than a welded frame and greatly increases the riding safety and smoother acceleration. Customers will receive a package like a gift box and assemble them like Lego, get an e-bike that is more balanced than a welded frame, and the ride experience is often better than they expected.

Special-made high-strength screws and lock nuts are used on the City Vanture frame. The carbon steel screws used on the frame are 2 mm longer than those on the market, with a strength of grade 12.9, and high-strength grade 8.8 stainless steel bolts are used in other parts. The screws at each position have corresponding torque requirements to enhance the stability of the frame. The City Vanture manual will detail how much torque is required for each part of the screw. The frame comes with a two-year warranty.

Welded frames are often deformed after being welded and heated, which requires constant manual correction. Repeated corrections often result in the center deviation of the frame. People tend to overlook the symmetrical deviation problem of the frame. As a result, the unstable frame affects the riding experience and riding safety. City Vanture's superior riding experience of the assembled frame can only be known by riding it.

City Vanture's assembled frame is actually a tenon-and-mortise joint that was used in construction 7,000 years ago. Using this tenon-and-mortise joint, a building could stand for thousands of years without a single nail in ancient times. Vanpowers Bike combines this sturdy craftsmanship with modern technology to make the City Vanture greatly strong and balanced.

Vanpowers Bike also has the elegant commuting e-bike Seine, a retro-designed e-bike with super-premium components, embracing the electric bicycle's vintage aesthetic. Seine is for riders under 5'7.2", with a 95 mm travel suspension fork, a Selle Royal® saddle, and a more comfortable commuting experience. The powerful BAFANG® 500W mid-drive motor constantly evaluates the force of a rider's pedaling, adjusts motor power through a very sensitive torque sensor, and provides 250 watts of power output. Equipped with a removable LG2900 48V 11.6 AH (500WH) lithium-ion battery. The powerful battery and motor are suitable for long rides and climbing, very quiet and smooth when shifting gears. The alloy rear rack is convenient for carrying items.

Manidae has a sturdy KANDA® 26 x 4.0'' fat tire with puncture resistance and a firm grip. The Bafang brushless hub motor has a rated power of 750W and a torque of 80 Nm, which is very suitable for providing strong power when off-road and climbing. It can constantly assess your pedaling force and adjust motor power with a highly-sensitive torque sensor.

New Year Wish:🌟We intend to create a highly interactive APP to improve your riding experience. 

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