It looks like a hassle to assemble city vanture, why buy yours instead of the one already assembled?

At present, many one-piece frames made of aluminum alloy are heated to a high temperature after welding the pipes, and the shape is repeatedly formed by hand until correct and then sanded to shape. However, the frame becomes very fragile after more than two iterations of such a process.

In order to solve this problem, we changed the process from welding to cold pipe treatment for assembly, which caused a new problem. This assembly resulted in insufficient strength. To solve this, we decided on a mortise-and-tenon structure, and with this, we finally reached a perfect solution for stability and balance. At the same time, we also consider that some customers are not very good at assembly, so we also provide pre-assembly services.

After you purchase any style of City Vanture, we will send you an order confirmation email and confirm whether you need pre-assembly service. If you need the pre-assembly service, we will ship City Vanture to you in the form of assembly. You only need the last few simple steps of installation to start using.

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