The Best Time to Buy a Vanpowers e-Bike

Do you want an electric bike that delivers on quality, convenience, and carbon reduction? Do you want to effortlessly navigate the city and enjoy the simple pleasures of cycling? Do you want to save more money while getting more value? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you definitely don’t want to miss the Vanpowers Black Friday sale, our biggest promotional event of the year!

 City Vanture


Let’s take a look at what awaits you.

The City Vanture is a fast, stylish, and low-maintenance urban e-bike that allows you to maneuver through crowded streets with ease without sacrificing comfort and safety. You can even take it on the subway with you!


  • Minimized frame alignment tolerance for balance & stability
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Quiet, rust-resistant Gates™ Carbon Belt Drive

 City Vanture


The City Vanture usually goes for $1699, but during the Black Friday sale, you can get it for just $859 by using the discount code Grandest859. Check what the professionals have to say about the City Vanture

Another star product line is the UrbanGlide series, which was specifically designed for urban commuting. This series includes the Ultra, Pro, and Standard versions to meet different riders’ needs.



The UrbanGlide is our newest model that we unveiled at (e)revolution National e-Bike Exhibition in June of this year. It boasts exceptional design and superior features, perfectly combining power, comfort, and off-road capabilities. From commuting on city streets to exploring suburban areas, the smooth and reliable performance of this model makes every ride effortless and enjoyable. Another highlight of the UrbanGlide is its compatibility with our mobile app, allowing riders to monitor their battery level, speed, mileage, and other information at any time. 



After its launch, this e-bike received a lot of attention and praise. 


MakeUseOf: “The UrbanGlide is one of the smoothest and most natural I've tested on an e-bike. It packs a punch with its impressive power, gives you a super comfy ride, and handles off-road adventures like a boss. 

Forbes: “It may be the quietest e-bike I have ever ridden so far, and the brakes were powerful, smooth, and quiet.”

Autoevolution: “From the way the frame is built and is seemingly weldless to comfort features and the insane range it exhibits, all are ringing all the right bells.”


During this campaign, our customers can save up to $400 on their orders! In addition, those who purchase any UrbanGlide model will receive two exclusive accessories: a folding lock valued at $35 and a waterproof pannier rear rack bag worth $99. There’s also a Mysterious Lucky Jackpot that has yet to be revealed!


 Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring scenic trails, or simply taking a leisurely ride, these amazing Black Friday deals will ensure that you have a reliable and efficient mode of transportation at an unparalleled price. Take advantage of these unprecedented offers while they last!


Visit before Black Friday arrives to pick out your favorite e-bike and begin your journey. Vanpowers guarantees delivery within 3–7 business days, so you can start exploring new horizons on your stylish, high-performance bike as soon as possible.

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