Can I ride in the rain or snow?

For rainy weather, Vanpowers e-bike can fully cope with it. The motor and the display are both IP65 dust/waterproof, which means that you can directly spray it with your average hose (a high-pressure one may lead to mechanical damage) without worrying about water damage. Of course, you should be careful about seawater because it is relatively corrosive. If your e-bike touches seawater, remember to rinse it with fresh water afterward gently. In conclusion, on a rainy day, the only precaution you might want to consider is preventing road surface water from exceeding the height of the motor shaft.

The first thing to consider for snowy and extremely cold weather is the e-bike motor and battery. The e-bike’s motor and the battery can withstand temperatures above -20°C. But the battery capacity will be about 70% left when the temperature is -20℃ – 0℃. At the same time, our e-bike can drive on wet ground and snow.
Since City Vanture and Commuter are road e-bikes, for your safety, they are not recommended to ride when the road is icy or heavy snowfall.

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