Road E-bike City Vanture Launched on Indiegogo over 270% Funded!


Vanpowers Bike 

Jul 01, 2022, 10:00 ET

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanpowers Bike, a specialist e-bike company, has just ended its crowdfunding campaign for City Vanture, raising nearly three times the project's goal. This electric road bike has been recommended by many well-known media such as autoevolution, TechRadarcyclingnews, etc. City Vanture is the world's first electric bicycle using an assembled frame, aiming to achieve a safe, stable, and fast riding experience with a frame alignment tolerance of less than 1mm, close to the racing bike standard (0.2mm).

City Vanture is a sleek and lightweight electric road bike. Its assembled frame greatly improves the safety and balance of riding for daily urban commuters. Many electric vehicle influencers have recognized the smooth and outstanding riding experience of City Vanture. Check Brent McCluskey - Electrified ReviewsElectric Vehicles SpaceElectric RevolutionSilver Cymballeonardmlee' video. People can purchase City Vanture now at

City vanture uses a stable tenon-and-mortise structure to control the frame alignment tolerance to less than 1mm, breaks the frame misalignment problem caused by the one-piece brazing frame, and brings a smoother and faster ride. The frame has been tested 150,000 times for strength, and all the parts of the frame meet the test standards.

"Now the real work begins. We will focus on delivering these orders and coordinating logistics. We won't rest until every City Vanture is delivered," the Vanpowers team said. The road electric bike City Vanture is just the beginning. Their team is also working on other electric bikes such as touring e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, downhill e-bikes, and so on.

Besides the successful tenon-and-mortise City Vanture, the Vanpowers Bike still has other models worth trying, like vintage urban commuter Seine and off-road eMTB Manidae.

Seine is a retro, elegant urban commuter, with clean and nice-looking olive green design. Midnight Blue and Shining Black are available too. Behind the elegant look is the premium components. Seine has an ergonomically comfortable step-through design that offers an enjoyable upright riding position and Selle Royal® saddle for joy urban riding. Compared to road bikes, the suitable rider's height for Seine is extended to 5'5"-6'3". Chunma® hydraulic suspension fork with 50mm travel can be locked for diverse terrains. With mudguards that provide essential protection for wheels. There is a convenient luggage basket on the front and a luggage carrier rack on the back.

Seine has a powerful BAFANG® 500W mid-drive motor that operates smoothly and quietly, especially when shifting gears. The highly sensitive torque sensor constantly evaluates the rider's pedaling and regulates the motor's power, offering sufficient power for going uphill. The removable 48V 11.6Ah LG2900 lithium-ion battery features fast charging and ranges up to 34 miles.

Seine's Shimano® Deore 10-speed drivetrain provides the best climbing ability and adapts to different terrains. Tektro® hydraulic disc brake has flexible braking force and performs well in wet and dry weather. 

The Cross-Country E-MTB Manidae at helps people easily conquer any off-road journey. Manidae has a powerful 750W BAFANG® high-speed brushless hub motor that delivers 85N·m and power for hill-climbing. Shimano® 8-speed drivetrain delivers a faster, more reliable, and more intuitive ride experience. Torque is applied across eight gear ratios to maximize acceleration, climbing, and top speed. Manidae is a good runner if people are considering getting competitive or would like a racier ride for local trails. The removable lithium-ion battery with LG cells in the downtube brings a range of up to 70 miles.

Manidae's Hydraulic RST suspension fork with 95mm travel can be locked to adjust the shock absorption and prevent power loss when going uphill, provide more versatility. Kanda® 26'' x 4.0'' fat tire is puncture and pinch-resistant and has extra grip and traction to travel over diverse terrain, from snow to sand, rough and rooty trails, or other loose or rocky terrains.

To learn more about Vanpowers Bike, click here.


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