A disruptive new E bike, the City Vanture, is lauching now on Indiegogo

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Let's be realistic, sometimes if we could choose to arrive at our destinations a little less sweaty, we would. If we could avoid the coating of black sludge on our hands from an unshipped chain, we would. If we could swap the usual sea of black bikes for something a little more… colourful? Of course we would. Vanpowers, with its new urban focussed E-Bike currently up on Indiegogo, solves all of these woes and more in a disruptive, fully customisable modular package.

Let’s dig into the details and find out how the City Vanture can transform your urban riding experience.

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The modular design allows for infinite frame customisation and precision alignment (Image credit: Vanpowers)

Modular frame system 

On most bikes the frame is a single piece, but the City Vanture opts for individual frame tubes joined by mortice and tenon joints. You can choose from 11 options in total for colour. Stealthy all black, black and yellow, or a neon purple and blue are all on offer. Even better; the modular system means the bike can ship in a much smaller package: Cheaper shipping costs, and no enormous bike box to dispose of once your new ride arrives.

The main benefits of this mortice and tenon structure over traditional brazed bikes though are felt out on the road, with a frame alignment tolerance of <1mm and better safety thanks to a reduction in the risk of frame breakages. Plus for maintenance the frame can be totally disassembled. You can find out more by heading to the Vanpowers website and looking up the City Vanture.

a hub motor

A powerful hub motor with integrated sensors takes the effort out of riding (Image credit: Vanpowers)

Urban focussed design 

We’ve all been there, chain off by the side of the road, hands black and filthy trying to put it back on. Not so with the City Vanture, which sensibly opts for a gates carbon belt drive instead of the traditional chain. No lubrication needed, clean and silent, and immune from falling off. Plus it’ll last 3x longer than a chain too. This is just one of the well thought out details that Vanpowers has sewn into the design of this bike.

Some of us need a little extra zip, either to get to work faster, less sweaty, or both. With a powerful hub motor with built in sensors and a sleek battery integrated into the downtube you get a range of 80km. If you want to go further, and you probably will, you can add on a battery extender to get you a whopping 130km of range!

Speed and power are nothing without control though, so when you’re flying past the traffic you can breathe easily in the knowledge the powerful Tektro brakes will stop you quickly, and the 28mm Kenda tyres will offer confident, predictable cornering. What’s more, the modular mortice and tenon structure provides superior frame alignment for increased handling and safety - The frame has been tested over 150,000 times for stability and strength.

City riding on an Ebike is an excellent, green way to get around, but nobody wants to be kept waiting for their bike to charge, so the City Vanture can provide 50 miles (80km) in just two hours of charging.

If you're in need of some visuals to get you going then head to YouTube

A bright lcd display integrated into a stem

All your stats in a bright, integrated package (Image credit: Vanpowers)

Bright, integrated LCD display 

Sleekly integrated into the stem is the display unit for the rear hub drive, with several modes to choose from including a handy walking assist, though you may not even need it with the impressive 15.5kg weight. You can see your speed too, along with battery data, distance and other stats in a waterproof package so rain needn’t stop you riding. Fuel prices are going up and up, so maybe an e bike is a great way to get around the city cheaply, and with a smile on your face too.

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