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May 04, 2022, 09:50 ET

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sailvan Times Technology Co., Ltd. has teamed up with Juln Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., a professional electric bicycle designer and manufacturer that has worked with some famous worldwide brands such as FLX and WING. In 2020, Juln Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. helped FLX successfully crowdfund 13 million dollars with its e-bike babymaker.

Juln and Sailvan Times developed and designed new electric bicycle technologies, and made great breakthroughs in frame stability and riding safety - In 2022, they created a historic new electric bicycle brand - Vanpowers Bike.


Vanpowers Bike will release the world's first electric bicycle with an assembled frame - City Vanture, on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on May 24, 2022. 


After Creating a Successful E-bike Brand Ancheer, Sailvan Times Has Never Stop to Research and Explore New E-bike Technology and Development


An outdoor sports brand, Ancheer, owned by Sailvan Times Technology Co., Ltd., has long-term excellent sales history and many sales channels like Amazon, with good cooperative relationships with over twenty offline retailers in California. Ancheer mainly focus on mountain e-bikes, fat tire mountain e-bikes, folding electric bikes.


Ancheer has an extensive network of first-class manufacturers in many countries including ChinaJapanPoland. In the United States, Ancheer has a mature online and offline sales system.


Sailvan Times Join Forces with Juln, a Powerful Electric Bicycle Designer and Manufacturer, Upgrade Electric Bicycle Technology and Explore Excellent Riding Experience and Stunning Appearance. A New Brand of Electric Bikes Has Emerged - Vanpowers Bike


There are many electric bicycles players on the market, including n+ Mercedes-Benz, FLX, WING, Tenways, Urtopia. The electric vehicle industry is gradually developing. Sailvan times has teamed up with professional electric bicycle manufacturer and designer Juln Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., which has experienced design ability in electric bicycle and supporting production lines. To further develop safety, superior riding experience, excellent performance, stunning appearance of the electric bicycle, after years of continuous efforts, Finally, in 2022, Sailvan Times and Juln jointly created a powerful new electric bike brand - Vanpowers Bike.

Juln Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd is a professional research and development team with strong R&D capabilities, focusing on developing portable, sports, and commuter electric vehicles. The owners of Juln are experts in management, development, quality, production, and NBD. The main R&D personnel have 10 years of industry experience, up to 22 years.


Juln has its own tolerance testing system, and all the frames are completed at a very high level under the strict quality inspection of Juln and Sailvan Times. Juln has a long-term cooperative relationship with the TUV SUD testing laboratory, TUV SUD testing laboratory has all the necessary testing equipment to ensure that the frame/safety components/electrical system fully meets the requirements of EU GOV & MARKET, and the German headquarters will sign the certificate.


Sushi, Verve, KCP, CIMSON, FLX, WING, ANZIO are all Juln's main partners. FLX and WING have been working with Juln since their brand's first prototype. Both FLX crowdfunding products were fully developed by Juln. The high-end, professional and affordable electric bicycle brand Vanpowers Bike created by Juln and Sailvan Times this time, will surely promote a boom in the electric bicycle industry.


An Emerging E-bike Brand with New Electric Bicycle Technology and Excellent Cycling Experience & More than 10 Customized Colors - Vanpowers Bike


Vanpowers Bike is working on touring e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, city e-bikes, and downhill e-bikes. What is worth looking forward to is that the City Vanture of Vanpowers Bike will be the world's first electric bicycle with an assembled frame. City Vanture will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on May 24, 2022. The frame comes in more than 10 customized colors, while providing all riding functions, let electric bikes get rid of the boring.


Embrace the elegance of the refined curvy frame with Seine on Vanpowers.Bike. Vintage bicycle with super premium components makes a comeback to ancient times with Seine. It will absolutely go beyond imagination.


Manidae, conquer any off-road route with ease. Manidae is designed for mountain trails. Whether sand or snow, pavement or muddy trails, Manidae can give out the perfect riding experience.


About Vanpowers Bike

Vanpowers Bike actively maintains the classic e-bike and keeps up with the times. They constantly develops new e-bike technologies and commits to producing electric bicycles with excellent performance and attractive appearance. Vanpowers Bike will never stop exploring, let every adventurer's journey being mega power, at ease.

New Year Wish:🌟We hope to create more product lines in the future to provide you with more options. 


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